Living the Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill — Part 3

Why predict the future when you can create your own?

“We create a whole new world with our vision. The most important thing to me as a clairvoyant is to be able to see yourself clearly with love and without judgment. It’s also about creating a vision and seeing it. You don’t have to predict the future…you can be right here, right now and create the vision and see what it is you want.” — Kris Cahill

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Welcome back! Living The Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill started two weeks ago and you’re about to read Part 3 (the final part) where we dive into the meaning of guru, Kris’ artistic background, and what’s coming up next for her as an artist and psychic teacher.

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How has being psychic helped you as an artist?

KC: Here is the main way my art changed after I finished my clairvoyant training. I had been painting already for awhile and then I went into clairvoyant training in 1999/2000. I always wanted to paint abstractly and was doing the stuff that wasn’t realist but was more like trees and objects. I was always obsessed by those and needed to paint a lot of them. I don’t own one and they are out in the world and really regret that (laughs).

I had this judgment in my space that was left over from going to art school. Art school was great, but there was this picture or idea that you can’t be an abstract artist before learned how to be a realistic artist. Meanwhile, I’m working with energy and becoming a clairvoyant teacher. It was my whole world along with making art and kept seeing the paintings I wanted to paint. I just wanted to be in the colors and slap the paint down and play. As soon as I started doing it, it was such a relief. It was such a healing. It was how I healed myself on a big level. There was a series that I did that had something to do with the things we leave behind. It had to do with destruction and it was 2008. It was after the market hit the fan. I saw the energy and I could see where it was going and my art reflected that. So, I wasn’t making predictions but was like “oh, we’ve just hit transformation and it’s something big”. It wasn’t easier for me either. I was going through it too and I saw it painted.

It Began As A Quiet Evening // By: Kris Cahill

Now, I consider the psychic work I do my art. It’s all informed by spiritual growth, which to me is an art. There isn’t one way to do. There’s as many ways to grow as there are people.

What is your commitment as a healer and psychic in the coming years?

KC: I’m fully committed to continuing the work I’m doing but it’s transforming, as I am. I’m starting new classes online. I’m creating an online platform that I’m launching on the equinox that I’ve been writing a training for people who are already in the world as healers and psychics and to help them with their business.

The other thing is I love teaching beginners. I love helping people start to find that miracle. I’m kind of focused in a couple of different ways but I’m not doing every single thing across the board. I’m not so much going to teach a clairvoyant training, but down the road I can see myself doing that again. I also do want to do much more healing work because I love that. I find it joyful for me.

I work with people all over the world. I have clients and students all over and it’s really fun and so joyful. I really want to help people to start connect more with their spirits, so they can also create that for themselves.,

RF: These new people you are talking about, if we are thinking in business terms, what is your demographic? What are the types of people you are interested in working with?

KC: I’m very interested in creators of all kinds because they are some much fun to work with. Even if they don’t know what they are going to create yet or even stuck, it’s all about the learning of it.

I want to work from the positive. Often, people are being so clairvoyant already when they don’t know they are doing it because they are conditioned to visualize the worst things that can happen. Look at what the news does and all the negative “programming”. It’s programming people to expect and see the worst and what do people go and create?

RF: The worst.


What is your perspective on gurus?

KC: The original word “guru” meant teacher. There was also an energy that went with it that the teacher has all the answers…that the teacher is the special one. You see in the world and different people get called guru, like Oprah or maybe a tech person that knows a lot might be called a tech guru. In my world, the way I see guru is someone is kind of owning the student, where the student isn’t being validated to find his or her own answer. It may not be intentional, but the student might be looking for that. So it can go from either direction.

So, there might be a teacher who’s not interested in doing that, and someone comes along that wants that. That person might demand it or they get mad because that’s what they are looking for. This is not a judgment, I am not your teacher in that way. As your teacher, I will say, “YOU can do this”. It’s sometimes hard for people to hear, but they have their own answers. Look at what’s been our guru since we were born: religion, medicine, science, technology, corporations…you name it. The rules about how you get a job in the marketplace…what you’re suppose to look like. Even fashion magazines are “gurus”. All it’s saying is, “here is the one right to do it”.

It’s like“…if you want to do what I did and create six figure income by next week…” and its hilarious because it never works for another person. It works for the original person, maybe. To me, that’s the irony with somebody that is working with a guru…maybe that information worked for that person, but it doesn’t work for others the same way. They have to find their own answer. So, when I’m teaching, I make suggestions, but I say “find your own answer and then notice how it feels for you”. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I’m really careful to say things from a perspective of “there is no one right way and if you don’t know your way yet, keep looking”.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t need people who have information. I’m always looking for that. I’m always looking at how a person did something and I might just see a piece I like and find my own answer about that. Being a guru to me isn’t very much fun. I’ve had students who came from teachers who had been gurus. There was a lot a pain for them.

Have you noticed a guru who’s been through a lot and giving so much to people and/or students as well?

When you look at something like that, they may not be in control or in charge. It’s like the old fashion, 19th/ 20th century psychics who’s bodies didn’t look or feel too good for them. The mediums and their bodies took on so much of the energy. When someone is working in this way and maybe not in their truth, it reminds me of that same energy with gurus sometimes.

RF: Right, it’s like when we see healers that have lost some vitality because of how much they are giving all the time. An example is nurses or social workers.

What would you suggest to psychics and healers about taking a step in a direction that may be beneficial for them in the long run?

KC: I have a lot of experiences with that because many of my clients and students have been nurses. My mother is retired nurse. My late cousin was a nurse before she died. I watched these women growing up taking everything on and that idea of the matriarch — “give till it hurts”. Take it on and take on all the pain. These are healers who did this to themselves and didn’t have the permission to look beyond the responsibility of others.

When I work with students or clients who go through this, they are really sensitive and taking on everyone else’s stuff. They might even quit their job because they don’t know how to handle all of it. I’ve taught them tools to help feel grounded and simply show them that they don’t have to carry that around. It’s a choice. I usually tell them gently that they don’t have to anymore if they so choose and they may feel guilty about that.

That’s why I write the posts I write on my blog. What if we don’t have to live this way? What if you tried this and what do you notice for yourself? I don’t yell at them (laughs) or try to convince them. I tell them to imagine what might work for them. Sometimes, they might be ready and usually they are when they are sitting in front of me in a class. For some, it might take longer because there might be pain or some unconscious stuff going on.

Is there anything else you would like to say to people who might be reading this?

KC: Yeah! We create a whole new world with our vision. The most important thing to me as a clairvoyant is to be able to see yourself clearly with love and without judgment. It’s also about creating a vision and seeing it. You don’t have to predict the future…you can be right here, right now and create the vision and see what it is you want.

You can see a picture of yourself of how you want to feel and be. You can also create the world you want to live in. So often, we get owned by other people’s pictures or ideas of what we should be. I love the younger generation of women now who are fighting back against the body images that women handle…Even the men deal with this on some level and I’m watching people fighting back and creating the new picture and that’s at a clairvoyant level. If you are doing it for yourself, you are the one that brings that healing. You don’t have to prove it to anybody…you are giving yourself the permission to have the vision and it’s so much fun!

I was telling one of the students I taught at the meditation class this morning and he had never been there before and he was like “you do this everyday?!!” (laughs).

I said yes and just imagine: if you have a room full of clairvoyants and we didn’t even say words sometimes and we’d be laughing at the same joke. That’s another reason why it’s a lifestyle because it’s a whole different way to communicate. That’s what clairvoyance and being a psychic is and it’s fun. You don’t have to be afraid of it.

RF: Right, it’s not about this serious thing or other misconceptions about what a psychic is. Psychics are people working around being artists, creatives, construction workers and lawyers…

KC: We can play and make it fun. We can communicate and not isolate from each other, but also have our space. There is no competition in this because everyone is a psychic. We have turned on the light for ourselves and we are starting to share it. We don’t have to be afraid of sharing it but also know our limits. It’s not for everyone and running around being a crusader about it.

RF: Right, the point is that its here and available.

KC: It’s not that other people can’t learn how to do it. We aren’t more special than others. We chose something that really makes a difference and it’s very real.

RF: So psychic isn’t just about reading the energy, telling the future, being intuitive and seeing dead people (laughs). It’s about life, living your life and how you approach and see life. It’s not necessarily about predicting anything.

KC: Prediction is boring. Why predict the future when you can create your own?

RF: Wow! Thank you so much for talking with me Kris!

KC: Thank you for having me Ryan! These were all such great questions.

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