The Agent Scully of Self-Care & Healing: an interview with Karrie Myers Taylor— Part 1

“I often think of myself as Scully from the X-Files. I will experience something and then I will say ‘let me go figure out what this is scientifically’ and then if I can’t do that, then I’ll chalk it up to the spiritual world which I have a lot of respect for. But, I would never say that I fully understand it. — Karrie Myers Taylor

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I’m really excited to share the perspective of Karrie Myers Taylor, a self care and reiki healing practitioner (and honorary nerd) of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’ve ever watched an X-Files episode, you will understand why her and I think it’s funny that I called this article “The Agent Scully of Self-Care & Healing”. If you haven’t watched the show, here’s the very quick lowdown: Scully is an FBI agent and medical doctor that investigates weird cases with her partner Fox Mulder. In most cases, she is a skeptic first…a believer second.

Karrie can definitely relate to Scully on many levels. I hope you enjoy her fascinating perspective!

— Ryan Fukuda

RF (Ryan Fukuda): Describe to me what you do.

KMT (Karrie Myers-Taylor): I am a self care coach and a Reiki practitioner. I think the self-care part of it is important to bring out because people associate self-care with selfishness. So I like to call it out and say self-care is when you notice something in your body and you can take care of it instead of using an external device or entity to distract yourself from it. So if you notice you got some PTSD coming up from existential despair (laughs)…You don’t have to go drink coffee or go binge on doughnuts or video games. You can go do that…that’s fun too, but you can take it and you say, “Okay, this is something that’s caught in my body” and you take care of it so it can be released. You can take care of it in a number of holistic ways. That’s my focus.

The first thing with self-care is confronting something and having a self-awareness about it…and then having self- compassion for yourself that this is something that comes up as part of being human and part of being alive. Then it’s finding holistic techniques to help you through that. A lot of the reason why people don’t do self-care is they don’t want to eat better and they don’t want to exercise. They don’t want to do these things because they have to spend time with themselves and they have to do it themselves. So what I provide is a person guide, experience and education so that you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can actually get through it and develop a lot of these practices on your own so that it becomes second nature to you.

The Reiki part of it came into play in a roundabout way because self-care to me was very much scientific and it’s like “oh I can get with this, right?” It’s holistic nutrition, it’s all about exercise, yoga and there’s a formula to let you do a + b = c. There’s a part of it that wasn’t being addressed when you’re just eating well and exercising and that’s actually releasing emotions, blockages and energy from your body. We go through life accumulating so many things and we don’t have a lot of boundaries. You have to be consistently moving stuff out, so you can’t just be putting stuff in all the time. You have to eat out at the same time and that’s where Reiki comes into play because it’s like an energetic colonic…so you’re constantly setting an appointment on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to move your energy out to get the flow to reduce inflammation in your body or to release tension in your mind so that you can stay productive.

Self care isn’t just about changing your whole lifestyle and just stop going after your dreams and all that. It’s addressing what your issues are so that you can do those things and not just spend your whole life researching and ask yourself “why am I not doing these things?”. So it actually increases productivity.

RF: One of the words that came up was holistic.

What does holistic mean to you?

To me, holistic means clean. It means pure and means the things that come to us biologically and nothing that we’ve had to add to ourselves. The whole process of self-care, reiki and wellness and all of that is nothing about adding onto it. It really is about extracting and allowing your body to do what it knows how to already do. So that’s what holistic is. To me, it’s basically like integrating and allowing your body remove the things that are hurting your body so it can actually do its job.

Let’s also talk about holistic being a great marketing term and people putting it on just about everything. There’s holistic shoes (RF laughs) and holistic fingernail polish (laughs) and I think holistic to me just means “whole”. If it comes to you in its full form and it’s not been broken down or refined in any way, that’s holistic…and that goes for people too.

RF: Sometimes holistic is associated with MIND | BODY| SPIRIT. Just one of the things I want to bring up is the style in which are you talking about it. It’s something fresh and relatable. So when people talk about mind and spirit, what’s your take on that. Why do you communicate in this way versus the way other people are talking about.

KMT: Oh OK. (both laugh) Well the reason I consider myself or speak in this way I consider myself to be kind of a “grounded eccentric”. I understand there are things in the world that we don’t necessarily understand, but I respect them. And so my feeling is that if it works, it works. I don’t actually have to understand how or why and to be honest, I’m not going to. That’s a huge ego thing to think that I’m going to figure that out, but I’m not going to deny myself the benefits of it just because I don’t understand it. Right? I can’t make it understandable to me and to my knowledge and my reference from this day and age. So, that’s the way I talk about it.

I just spoke at a tech company downtown. They asked me to come in and talk about wellness, holistic nutrition, meditation and all this stuff. These are different people who are strapped to gadgets and they wake up and they look at their phone…and not to figure out what time it is, but to see what happened when they were asleep in the world. For them, it’s like any spare moment is about looking at their gadget.

For me, I knew that I was dealing with different levels of understanding. So I said to them “OK, let me check the woo woo meter” and that’s how I can get an understanding what words I can use. It’s to get people to understand first, so they can get with me.

RF: Right, you ask them where they are at in present time.

KMT: I asked them specifically what’s the woo woo meter? What do you know about this stuff? What myths can you bring to me that you already know? What do you think you already know about it so that I know my level of talking about it. The point is that they get it and they use it. It’s not that they become “recruited”.

Some people are like, I don’t know anything. Tell me. And some people are like here’s my crystals and break them out. (laughs). And I was just like oh so we got a mixed bag then. That’s why I do that because I know that’s how I would take it. As somebody who takes things with a grain of salt, I think it’s important because if you want to speak to a massive amount of people and get a massive amount of people doing something that will help them, you have to understand they have to be talked to in different ways. Also you have to understand that they have been told a lot of things that are misleading and scary to be honest. So the way that humans relate to things is that we don’t relate to them until it happens to us. You can talk all you want but no one’s going to get it until they have this experience.

My personal belief is that people come in from many different places in the spiritual realm. There’s many different peoples with different spectrums. You were talking about how you just interviewed a psychic. I’m don’t consider myself a psychic, but there are many different spectrums and I personally believe that we all have different abilities and different attunements. I think that people come to this kind of work and this experience in a couple ways that I’ve understood so far. #1. If you have a family that is really open to this and is willing to talk to your children about it and talk to the world and practice that and it’s a very safe place to have these conversations. and #2. If you are a person to experience something you can’t explain (laughs) and then you go looking for it. I would put myself in the second category.

From Espectá

I often think of myself as Scully from the X-Files. I will experience something and then I will say “let me go figure out what this is scientifically” and then if I can’t do that, then I’ll chalk it up to the spiritual world which I have a lot of respect for. But, I would never say that I fully understand it.

RF: Thank you for sharing that. Do you remember what that was?

KMT: Do I remember? (laughs)

I think there was a journey. I think that it’s interesting that I’m doing Reiki now in 2016 because I was certified in 2005 and I was certified not knowing what the hell it was. I came to San Francisco (I was living in Brooklyn) and I came to San Francisco because my friend who I’ve known for 20 years is a Reiki Master. She become a Reiki Master and she started talking to me about it and I was like “That’s cool” (laughs) It’s always cool for you.

She told it was really helping people and really healing them. She’s also someone who used to be a therapist of mine. I went to her for hypnotherapy when I was like 19 years old, so I’ve known her a long time. And I’ve known her through many of my different healing modalities. She asked me if I wanted to learn and I said “no thanks”. Then she said she was having a workshop and she was like, “I need an assistant”. Would you assist me in doing this. And she said you’re going to have to learn how to do this in order to assist me. So I was willing to do that. I’m always willing to help my friends. I wasn’t willing to do it for me, right? (laughs) Because I didn’t think I had a problem, but I will do it for everyone else. And so I flew out to San Francisco and I thought I’m just going to see all my friends in San Francisco and I’m going to do this thing for her and we’re going to help her. So I did the workshop. She taught me and some other students at the time and I just did what I usually do which is like “You know this is good for YOU”. People kept saying “You’re so into your energy” and I’d be like “I don’t know what you’re talking about” (laughs)

You know that’s the way I do things. I lived in New York for a decade so yeah know, if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. It was great that they were healing, but I didn’t really understand it. I went through my whole attunement, which was really interesting because it was like a straight up Jedi ceremony… like you were just like “wow, okay” with robes and stuff. So anyway, I went through the ceremony to be a Reiki practitioner she gave me my little certificate and I went about my life.

I had one last day in San Francisco before I was going to go see family in L.A. and I woke up that morning and was so sick…like I couldn’t walk upright or straight. I kept throwing up everywhere. I was like “oh I must have eaten something”. I don’t know what that was, but I wasn’t going to spend my last day in San Francisco sick, so I just did all the things I was going to do with my friends. I just had to sit down every 20 minutes and I would go to museums and I’d be siting down. My body was purging a lot of crap. I went to lunch and was sick the whole time. We had a dinner party that night at a friend’s house and I passed out during the dinner party.

I woke up in their room the next morning and they were like “Karrie, your plane is leaving in two hours, here’s your luggage”.

So I did it and I was fine. And I went to L.A and I forgot about it for years. And then fast forward to Brooklyn, I had a number of friends who asked me about it and they asked me if I would do Reiki with them. I agreed and again had that same experience like” this so amazing, you’re so healing”. And I was just like, “Cool, if it works for you”. I didn’t really practice it because I honestly didn’t believe it was actually doing anything. I thought it was a placebo to be honest. It was almost like If I say it works, then it works. And that’s just me because I didn’t believe anything I couldn’t touch.

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Part 2 of “Karrie Myers Taylor: The Agent Scully of Self Care & Healing” continues next Tuesday, September 6th. #realtalk #reikiinthecity

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