The Revolutionary Act of Clairvoyance

Living the Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill — Part 2

One of the things I love about clairvoyance and it being so revolutionary is because you can’t see anything clearly if you are in judgment. If you’re just looking at the surface or what you think should be there, you aren’t really seeing fully. — Kris Cahill
“…I’m looking to create civil conversations with people because we need to be talking about this. We haven’t really talked about racism ever. This idea that racism doesn’t exist anymore in America is so not true. It never went away. It’s wrong to pretend you don’t see it, and say ‘oh, we’re all the same’.” — Kris Cahill

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Welcome back! Living The Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill started last week and you’re about to read Part 2 where we dive into her experiences and perspectives on politics, racism, privilege and spiritual activism.

I’m calling Part 2 ‘The Revolutionary Act of Clairvoyance’ because as you know, sometimes even the mere act of seeing the truth can be the precursor of some big changes in the world. I think Kris really captures the spirit of this in our interview today.

Thank you for joining us again!

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— Ryan Fukuda

I know you started Meditate for Bernie and I’d love to know more about what that is and what spiritual activism means to you?

KC (Kris Cahill): Just a quick little back flash, when I told you I’ve been a healer since I was quite young and always trying to heal everything and everybody, that got me politically conscious and active at a pretty young age. I remember going on my first hunger march when I was about 14 or 15 years old in my neighborhood. I started to pay attention and was working in the left for a long time as an anti-war activist. I was apart of CISPES (Community in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador) and on the steering community and got my first FBI file back then.

There was all of that, but for me, it was about fixing the things out there in the world. It was only years later as I started to wake up to my spirit in my late 20's. I was already the healer back then, but I was closed off to certain things. I started to mix spirit and activism together. When I was in clairvoyant training, it became even more clear to me that we change everything when we change ourselves. My world has changed. It’s not someone else doing it for me. I have to do it. I’m responsible for me. I’m not responsible for what’s outside of me, but I have an affect on it. So, that became where I started to mix activism and spirituality more and more.

It’s funny because you know how people like to separate things. So there’s people working in a very intellectual space. And then there is the spiritual people where a lot of them are not interested in politics or weren’t till now. I always thought the two went perfectly well together. Even now, I look at it as more necessary than ever to combine it and this is how Meditate for Bernie got started. I was gung-ho for Bernie from the get-go. I kept asking myself this nagging question “maybe I can do something with this”. I didn’t have the full idea. For a week, I was waking up in the middle of the night by this energy that was like “Meditate for Bernie!, Meditate for Bernie!”. It was driving me nuts. It was definitely an energy. It wasn’t me, but it sort of was bringing up this whole question I was asking. And finally at the end of the week I was like “ OKAY! I’ll freakin’ do it!” (laughs) So I created the Meditate for Bernie group and all of a sudden it became very clear to me — Yes, I want to do this, because it’s actually really fun. It freaked me out a little at first because I was kind of worried about getting caught in it…It turned to something way better than that.

So now I want to keep that going. We did a number of meditations. But now, it’s starting to create the space for that political revolution…which is really just waking up. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this time. We have never had anything like this in my lifetime and I was born in 1958. I even remember the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. I lived there and remember seeing it on t.v. as a kid and it disturbed me. I asked myself what’s going on here, why are they doing this? Why is the police doing this?

So I look at it in present time and go, “yeah we need to work on our spirits”. That’s how we transform the planet. We have to talk about these things. We have to talk about racism…misogyny… and homophobia; All of these “-isms” and all these ways we hate each other. People can heal their own spirit and they get to know themselves now. There is no us and them.

One of the things I love about clairvoyance and it being so revolutionary is because you can’t see anything clearly if you are in judgment. If you’re just looking at the surface or what you think should be there (and it might be from the perspective of good intention too), you aren’t really seeing fully.

RF (Ryan Fukuda): I’ve been noticing lately, and I’m sure you’ve noticed as well that the lies can’t stay lies in politics or society anymore. The truth is continuing to present itself and I’m noticing that the lies can’t stay lies anymore. People are tired and worn out about it. They are tired of crying and tired of being in pain.

What do you see that people can do in order to handle of all of this truth coming out? If there was something you could suggest that might help them, what would that be?

KC: There was a quote I posted recently, but it was something Audre Lorde wrote a long time ago saying “taking care of yourself and your own needs is a revolutionary act”. If you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t have anything to fight with. It’s not like you have to go around and fight somebody, but you don’t have anything there to work with really.

I would say, start off with yourself. If you want to heal the world, start with you. I sure as heck didn’t make that up, but I’ve said it bunch of times in my life. I’ve had it said to me years ago by my teachers. Here’s an example that people can pay attention to — if you are walking around carrying a bunch of pain, then you carry that pain wherever you go and other people might match to that pain. And that pain can be very real but it might be very precious and might become an identity for someone. When you start to learn how to separate from the pain, you aren’t forgetting about it…you’re just letting it go. You’re saying, “yup, that happened, but now I’m moving on”. And that’s when you actually bring healing energy out with you. Otherwise, you’re carrying around pain and other people are affected by it or taking it on. So you become the healer when you take care of you.

What is your observation about Black Lives Matter, police brutality and all the other things going on currently in America and around the world?

KC: You’re speaking with somebody who was raised in a very racist, white neighborhood. I was always aware of racism since I was quite young because that’s not how my family was. Other kids would say racist words and my mother would say, “No!…and this is why you don’t say this”. She would teach us about it and there was consciousness around it.

One of the things I’m taking on is to re-educate some of my fellow white people and tell them “Look!”(sighs)…because the ones that are unconscious to all of this are taking it personally. It’s been this thing you don’t talk about. I look at the people who are so stuck in it and it’s like they take it so personally that black people say “we have always been dealing with racism”. It’s true, they have, and so has Native Americans and Latinos and all the different cultures that aren’t this main, privileged white culture. That’s what it really is. I’m getting in people’s faces and I’m saying, you and I don’t know in this body and lifetime what it’s like to experience racism, but I can empathize and say it is wrong.

If you look at it from that perspective, it’s educational. I look at Black Lives Matter and I post a bunch of their stuff because its very educational for people. I’ve used things from them to have communications with many different people and create conversations around that. I’m working at it from one perspective which is: here is what I can do, because this is my experience. I’m not going to go on and tell someone what they should do because that’s not my experience. My experience is that I can say hello and support you and this is how I’m going to do it.

It’s so funny, the great conversations that are happening on Facebook with people I grew up with and don’t live in the Southside of Chicago anymore. They moved to other places but they’re all sort of in their own white isolation. There is so much guilt in this conversation…it’s sort of this thing called white guilt. The communication helps a lot and the ones who take it all personally, they eventually go away. I’ve already blocked about five or six racist trolls (RF laughs) who seem to show up when we are having these discussions and they aren’t anyone’s friend. They just get in somehow, but we don’t argue with them and go “hey, you’re out of here.”

The main thing for me is I’m looking to create civil conversations with people because we need to be talking about this. We haven’t really talked about racism ever. This picture that race doesn’t exist anymore in America, is so not true. It never went away and it’s wrong to pretend you don’t see it, and say “oh, we’re all the same”. Yeah, but what is your experience? Do you know what its like to be young black man in America? I can look at that and say that is a rough experience for some people because of where they live or what they are going through. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you aren’t a black man or person, you are handling a whole different thing.

I’ve never been pulled over by a cop. Never. Once, because I ran a red light. They ignore me. My husband doesn’t get pulled over by cops. Well, he did when he was a hippie. When he was a ruffian (RF laughs), he got kicked out of New Orleans…but it was a whole different thing. It wasn’t for being a particular race.

My take on it is, sure, there is a lot of people matching the pain of all of this, but we’re not going to solve that pain. We can start the communication of opening it up. What I want to do with Meditate for Bernie is sort of turn it into a space for showing up now. I really want white people to start talking to other white people and educating them. Don’t pretend it’s all going away. It’s not. It won’t go away as long as we are asleep and white people need to wake up here. They really freakin’ do (laughs).

RF: One of the things I’ve been looking at is the fighting part. It’s this “me versus you” — “us versus them” mentality. It’s been on my mind for these past few years. I really wanna start working with other psychics and healers surrounding how we can start looking at all of this differently.

How do we end a cycle that’s not working anymore? How do you see us ending this cycle?

KC: I’ve been looking at the programming around racism and how someone can be unconscious to it, especially amongst white people. I look at all of this on an energy level with other psychics. Some groups of people may have this unconsciousness about other groups and looking at all of this from a psychic perspective is fascinating.

Ryan, you and I as clairvoyants, we look at people’s past lives. We believe that they have had many different experiences, but this is the time we are living in right now. We are all here for a reason to look at this in present time and to shake it all up…and then move it out.

We as people don’t have to agree on everything, but we can agree that we aren’t going to hate each other. We can agree that we are not enemies and have to create that division all of the time (and its such a fake division), but that’s what’s falling apart now.

RF: The reason why I asked you that question is because I’ve been noticing a lot of fighting go on amongst people. In my eyes, fighting or arguing with one another doesn’t necessarily work all the time. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

So with that…

When it comes to fighting and arguing, do you see it as necessary for the world, or a waste of time?

KC: I don’t think there is one right answer there. As you know, sometimes a good fight can really move the energy. Right? Or a fight in the family, someone can say I want to talk about this and there can be a some resistance about talking. How I see it is that first person who brings out the communication has brought in the gift of change. What that person is saying is, “I can’t be in the lie anymore and we need to talk about this”.

I don’t judge it, but when you are fighting yourself internally all the time, you’re going to bring that into the world and go create fights. People go and do that and it turns into wars…and then nobody hears anyone and nobody is listening anymore. You know it when you’re having a discussion that turns into an argument…you don’t hear them and they don’t hear you and it all becomes pointless.

RF: Right, there is difference between hearing and not hearing…Being unconscious and outwardly destroying things (laughs).

KS: And sometimes the destruction needs to happen.

RF: Right, the destruction of things do need to happen sometimes.

KS: And that’s part of it. Destruction can be very necessary, but we don’t have to go destroy somebody. We don’t need to destroy another person just because they’re suddenly evil incarnate and because we don’t agree with them. People can really be childish sometimes and that’s okay.

Like when somebody who’s voting for “he who shall not be named” (RF laughs), I don’t even want to get into a discussion with them. No, there is nothing to talk about here and I’m very certain about that (laughs). No discussion, no fight. I’ve even said to people on social media, “I’m not arguing about this”.

RF: Right, and its not a judgment (laughs).

KS: I’m not going to tell you on Facebook that you’re wrong. We don’t get anywhere when we go around and around because it’s too crazy. It’s like the charade we see between the political parties in this country. Like they’re so very different from each other. I mean one political party is way crazier than the other, but they are still kind of all apart of the same system. It’s a charade…and all drama.

The more drama and more crazy, the more newspapers sold. That’s why Donald Trump became so popular. He knows how to work that. Work that negativity…work the fighting to his advantage.

That’s another way we transform, isn’t it?…to watch all of this unfold in front of us.

RF: Right, we get to watch that energy happen. We get to experience all of this and as hard as it is to watch or experience sometimes, we get to actually learn from it.

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