Thoughts and Travel Advice from my Father, 2011

RF: Bon Voyage! Very happy you are taking your trip as it is a new day and a chance to turn the page for the next phase of your life. I just got up early and was thinking about you on the beginning of this adventure and thought I would just throw thoughts your way essentially in no particular order.

1. This is a life changing accelerator, how or what ever you have learned in your life this tends to be accelerated in the travel mode. Your world gets bigger; your possibilities expanded. As the filmmaker, it definitely enlarges the choices, perceptions, and perspectives. You can no longer be just an American; you begin to see and understand the family of man. You also see how much of an American you are (you definitely see you are not Japanese nor Black…maybe at best a good eclectic hybrid — -and that is fine).

2. I appreciate everyday what a blessing it is to have you as my son, that I can communicate with you and tell you first hand how I feel and what I think, be it good or bad.

3. It is a pleasure to see that you were listening when I told you to go after creating a directed and rich life and career. You attacked it full force and got back the whole experience, both good and bad, and truly “felt” life at its raw level. You have experienced this in the unrated version. You enjoyed the ups and downs, whether your great successes or failings. You have enjoyed and reveled in the good times, and dusted yourself off and kept going in the bad times. These are surviving techniques and they will serve you for the rest of your life.

4. I am proud of you for listening & learning. Keep doing the same.

5. Take time to savor this travel experience. It all goes too quickly. If you do you will catch those small but important experiences that come your way. That means slowdown and “smell the roses.”

6. Take lots of pictures.

7. Be careful, but adventuresome. Try things that you never have, as they many of time are the things that you remember most. Try the roads less traveled as they are the doorways to your own Narnia if I might say. Know that there are thieves and others willing to do bad things there too. I talk from experience. :)

8. Journal if you can.

Love and protection,


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