Meet our judges!

We’re excited to see that TruthBuzz entries are already rolling in, and we look forward to receiving more creative ideas. We’ve enlisted a talented group of judges from seven countries who are all passionate about fact-based storytelling that is also compelling and resonates with a wide audience.

“This contest will challenge smart people around the world to think more creatively about tackling problems of misinformation,” Olivia Ma, Head of Partnerships at Google News Lab and a TruthBuzz judge, told the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). “It’s a great opportunity to rethink how to present verified information in a way that will ensure the largest audience possible not only sees it, but internalizes it.”

Although journalists around the world continue to combat false claims and churn out well-sourced reporting that challenges fake news, these methods of debunking are often in the form of detailed explanations that can get lost in the 24/7 news cycle.

“We’ve always known emotions spread faster than rational thought,” Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler and a TruthBuzz judge, told ICFJ. “Now that technology allows exponential spread, it becomes even more important for facts to have immediate impact, to engage our emotions instead of just our logic.”

The judges will be looking for TruthBuzz entries that can gain traction on social media and serve as models for others trying to make sure facts are surfacing online. But why is it vital to make fact-checking more shareable and visually engaging?

“We live in an increasingly visual and fast-paced world,” said Ma. “And it’s important to adapt how information is presented to how people want to consume it.”

And learn more about our panel in this interactive guide:

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