Yeah, What Prince Said

I was never a Darlin’ Nikki or a Little Red Corvette. Like any woman, I could have been, but I never really wanted to be; it seems like such a shame to be coveted on those terms.

Without Love, it ain’t much.

That’s not to say that some very specific songs Prince wrote didn’t precisely mirror my life at different times and often, a very long time after they were first released. Some of his words offered me hints of what it would feel like to be seen, known, and loved for who and what I truly am and was always meant to be. Other songs caused me expand, and consider things like fascination, liberation, intuition, and to think a little more on what this whole “Earth thing” is really about.

What’s it all for?

Listening sometimes felt like a party; most of the time, it echoed like sonnet.

Pure resonance.

When I wrote the first chapter of the Truthfairy Chronicles, last year, I knew no better way to begin the whole thing but to speak from my soul about the treasure map I discovered and used to follow my heart, which turned out to be the journey to my own inner sanctity and reason for being.

Dearly Beloved, indeed.

So, now I figure, it’s time.

Can I tell U what I’m thinkin’ that U already know?
It’s time we all start reachin’ out for something new . . .
that means U 2
If you don’t like the world you’re living in
Wake up, it’s a new day
Take a look around
U better live now
If U know what I’m singin’ about up here,
C’mon, raise your hand

Donna Syed (aka: Truthfairy) is a speaker + training designer forWomen Elevate™+ Be. Do. Live.® training experiences.

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