The “First Family” of Roswell Speaks Out About New Alien Slides: “There is Definitely a Disconnect”

Today, Roswell is a household name and it is meshed deep within our pop-culture. When people hear the world Roswell, they generally think government conspiracy, Area 51, and little grey aliens. I’ll never forget when I was 16 years old and sitting at the dinner table with my high school buddy and his family. At the time, his mom was the Vice President of Lockheed Martin, and I casually mentioned Area 51 while eating her chicken. She dropped her fork, looked horrified, and said, “What do you know? Have you been going through my office?!” It was a very uncomfortable moment, that I never forgot. It told me that there was some truth to the legend. If only I did go through her office, who knows what I would have found.

What makes the Roswell UFO crash case more interesting is all of the deathbed confessions by people who were on the scene and revealed their secrets before they passed on. Major Jesse Marcel, first responder to the crash site, was one of the first whistleblowers in the 1970’s. Featured in the original 1947 newspaper article, he had recovered a piece of debris from the crash, which contained bizarre symbols. Against orders, Major Marcel brought it home to show his children, who to this very day, collaborate on his story.

You may have seen episodes of Ancient Aliens that discuss the topic, or perhaps you’ve simply played video games where you need to break into Area 51 to find the Roswell UFO. Whatever your association with Roswell may be, it seems that every few years new information surfaces. Some of this information is debunked, while other pieces of evidence cannot be disputed. Now, once again after several years, new evidence has come to light in the form of 2 Kodachrome slides.

There is no debate that the 2 slides, are undeniably real. Forensic and chemical analysis shows that the photos were developed between the years 1939–1949. What does currently seem to be on trial is the body of the subject in the slides. They show a disturbing image of a very strange, decaying and perhaps mummified creature. For the past 3 years, the slides have been secretly analyzed by scientists and are now the subject of a new, soon to be released, documentary entitled, “Kodachrome.” The documentary details the history of the slides, the scientific analysis of the body, along with a 3D reconstruction model of what the body would look like. Exactly the same technology used in reconstructing dinosaur bones.

The “Kodachrome” video trailer shows the 3D models in more detail:

The buzz around the slides came to a head last week in Mexico City, where 7000 people assembled to get the first look at what might be the first real photographic evidence alien bodies from the 1947 Roswell crash. People even paid $20 online to stream the presentation live, which consisted of several scientists analyzing the photos, a glimpse at the slides, and the 3D reconstruction of the body.

Forensic testing shows that these slides are real, that’s not being questioned. However, it’s the subject within the slides that is the main topic of this controversy. The real story here is that after so many disappointments over the past few decades, (including the famous “Alien Autopsy” film, which was proved to be a hoax), the UFO community remains intrigued, but hesitates in officially give the slides their final stamp of approval until they gather more research.

Ufologists have worked incredibly hard to try and establish real credibility for their research over the past several years. And although this new find could be the closest thing they have found to a smoking gun, most researchers are treading lightly, afraid that if the body is not an alien it could potentially be the final “nail in the coffin” for the rest of the world to take ufology seriously.

What makes this event even more interesting is the story behind the slides. A box of 500 slides was discovered in an attic in Arizona. The slides originally belonged to Hilda Ray, and her husband Bernard, a geologist. The couple has long since passed, but their lives are now being dug up (pun-intended), since these incredible slides have surfaced.

The original slides belonged to Bernard and Hilda Ray.

The 500 slides tell the story of a well-traveled, well-connected couple. Among the slides are photos of some very famous and notable people, including Dwight Eisenhower, Bing Crosby, and Clark Gable. However, it’s the 2 “alien” slides, which are making the headlines. This is one of slides that was released by UFO researcher Richard M. Dolan during his radio interview about the conference in Mexico City on the extremely popular radio show, Coast to Coast AM, which reaches over 3,000,000 listeners a week. The other slide has not yet been released to the public.

Being the CEO of TruthFunders LLC (a crowd-funding company that specializes in paranormal research, projects, and more) has its perks. It allows me the access to some of the most renowned people in the paranormal field. I reached out to one of the members of “The First Family of Roswell,” Jesse Marcel. Jesse is the grandson of Major Jesse Marcel, the original whistleblower and one of the first responders to the infamous 1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash.

The following are quotes from my interview with Jesse Marcel, and the first time he has made his opinion about the new Roswell “Kodachrome evidence” public:

“When I first heard about the new “evidence”, I was on a radio show and I was talking about Roswell. My family is considered the “first family” of Roswell, because of my grandfather. Over the past few decades, our family has become synonymous with the name Roswell. I was excited, because any news of Roswell is good news, as it helps to keep the story of Roswell alive. I know that there is definitely more information about the Roswell event out there and it’s only time before it surfaces. The slides are definitely an exciting find, but I am very cautious when it comes to what I say about whether it’s real or not.
I did contact an old military friend of mine and I asked him about the likelihood that the military would use a 35 mm slide in 1947. He said at the time they would have used 4x6. It wouldn’t have made sense for them to use 35 mm. I asked him about the possibility that perhaps someone was able to bring in his or her own 35 mm camera into a secure facility at the time. He said that it is possible, because the technology was around, but it would have been hard to sneak it in. You would have been patted down and your bags would have been checked, so it doesn’t really add up. Honestly, my opinion on the slides went a little bit sour because of that, but it does not mean the slides are not real by any means.
I hope that whatever they are, it pans out to be proof of some kind of an alien body, even if it is not connected to Roswell. I am very hopeful, but I have not personally examined them, nor have I been asked to examine them. It’s kind of funny, because our family is the “go-to” family for anything Roswell. At this point no one has contacted us, or even asked to look at the slides, which is kind of strange, because you would think that you would want to talk to the people that are heavily involved in Roswell, even to just get an opinion. So, there is definitely a disconnect.
You tie that into a Pay Per View release, couple it with a big production in Mexico City, and it worries me that this is being handled with too much flash, that the UFO community will find it suspicious, even if these photos are legit. It’s also important to talk to as many respected archeologists about these slides if you want the public’s approval. That can cause it’s own type of backlash. Also, the people who took the slides lived close to a museum of oddities and it’s very plausible that this slide is just something he took at this museum of a mummy. But, then again I still have not given up hope that there is something special about these slides.” –Jesse Marcel

Over the past few months, Jesse has been in the process of creating real models of the debris his grandfather brought home from the Roswell Crash site. They are called Roswell I-Beams, and they contain the real symbols that were on the original Roswell debris. He has also developed a computer font for the symbols. You can learn more about Jesse’s I-Beam project, and get the whole Roswell history here:

What are your thoughts on the latest “Kodachrome” evidence? Will these slides wind up being the smoking gun that everyone has been waiting for? Or, will it just be another story for a future installment inside Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown? My hope is that with the release of these photos, someone will come forward and know something. Whether it’s an alien body, or just a mummified oddity, both will make an incredible story, as long as what finally comes out is the truth.

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