Paranormal Crowdfunding Has Arrived

With more tech start-ups and niche crowdfunding companies cropping up then ever before, the quest for both financial backing and society’s attention is a difficult one. However, with TruthFunders, it seems that getting society’s attention isn’t an issue.

With names such as Gofundme, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo there have been billions of dollars raised for projects worldwide. Into this arena now comes a new player. The newly started Truthfunders is a spirited crowdfunding company with the concept of funding all things paranormal, conspiracy, ghostly, and UFO related. Believe it or not, it’s serious and it has a mission: To help projects boldly go where no crowdfunding project has gone before.

“TruthFunders is drawing together a very large community in a previously unrepresented market.” Says Art Webb, co-host of TruthFunders Radio, the paranormal crowdfunding company’s weekly online companion radio show which broadcasts worldwide to thousands of listeners on the Inception Radio Network. “There is nothing else like it in the world of crowdfunding… Actually, there’s nothing else like it in our planet.” Art laughs in jest, but he may be right. TruthFunders goal is to help fund movies (fiction and non-fiction), documentaries, UFO research, Bigfoot research, building ghost investigation applications, funding parapsychology experiments, and even support companies making UFO t-shirts and paranormal apparel.

The slick polished approach of TruthFunders is geared towards making it OK for “normal” people to help support the world of the unknown. You’ll find no alien heads, or black scary website here. What you’ll find is the “Apple” of the paranormal world. Sleek, clean, and easy to navigate. And the numbers are telling. Each week traffic continues to grow by the thousands to

The Nielsen TV ratings for the show, Ancient Aliens (9pm on The History Channel) had a viewership of 2.034 million people with — 1.4/2 HH and — 0.7/2 A18–49. That is a sizable body of people, making it the #1 show on The History Channel. Add in people interested in monsters, ghosts, cryptozoology, and conspiracies, and the numbers escalate quickly.

“We crunched the numbers before building this LLC.” Says TruthFunders campaign manager Katie Baker, “There are over 14,000,000 people tuning into paranormal television shows, radio, and podcasts. The response to what we are making has been overwhelming, both with project creation and funding. I don’t think people realize how big this market is.”