3 Tricks to Drive Sales from Social Media

Social Media and E-commerce could be a perfect match.

Social media is arguably the best place to concentrate marketing efforts, because that’s where people spend their time. Due to GlobalWebIndex, over 54% of time spend on media are media online, 24% of which are social media portals, 21% blogs and microblogs. Moreover consumers willingly interact with others, join into communities and create vast networks, a great possibility for viral marketing.

1. Connect E-commerce with Social Media

Unfortunately, online shops and social platforms are as two separate worlds. They rarely share information about users with each other. E-commerce shops seldom allow clients to log in through Facebook, still the most popular social platform there is. Facebook, on the other hand, despite the fact it does allow e-commerce businesses to create their communities around Page, makes it impossible to see who actually is in this community. That is why online shops can’t establish whether the actual clients is a part of the community or not.

E-commerce managers know virtually nothing about their fans on Facebook apart from some basic demographic data. They certainly don’t know who their customers are. — Dawid Pacha, co-founder at Realdeal.

Realdeal is a layer between e-commerce and social media. Each campaign has CTA button re-directing customers to designated part of an online shop. Through unique codes and logging system the app collects e-mail addresses, enabling to recognize individual customers in the social media communities. It also collects leads after the campaign is over.

2. Identify source of the traffic

Google Analytics doesn’t show solid information about the source of traffic from Facebook. Marketers not able to determine if traffic from Facebook comes from promotional post, a personal conversation or a group discussion. This is why current methods of data analysis cannot help us in stating how many of purchases were made on the social media.

Our app can trace those interactions and pinpoint the source of traffic. Each campaign post can be unique by addind special tag to it’s URL. This feature allows to measure effectiveness of different locations or influencers e.g. bloggers.

3. Bring a product to a client

Another problem with social media is that unlike search engine it’s not a place designated to look for product information. Receiving marketing message is just a short disturbance in entertainment and social activities. Sometimes it may drive an actual sale, but not necessarily in the same time and from the same device. This means business’ owners cannot recognize social media as effective, measurable marketing channel.

Apart from measuring conversion from social media to e-commerce, Launcher lets customers seize the moment. As the campaign is an interactive post with call-to-action button, it takes only a little of user’s time, without re-directing him away from Facebook. Moreover sharing the campaign may become a valid form of social activities itself.

Originally published at tryrealdeal.com.

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