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Iasos’ music is special in many ways : the psychology department of Plymouth State College has rated one of his album the closest thing to what you can hear during a Near Death Experience. His secret ? Iasos doesn’t create his music by himself, he claims to be getting help… from a higher-dimensional being called Vista.

I have a confession to make : I mostly listen to ambient music. These days, I’ve gone one step further by listening only to thunder storms, rains on a roof and, as of late, the sounds of the forest at night. I’m always craving to find that unique ambiance that will transport me somewhere else, down in nature or up in a strange dimension. To go places in my mind I need to go to, especially when trying to write. In a way, I use music like some people use drugs.

But when I first listened to Iasos, it was his song The Angel of comfort : I felt such a relief that I quickly forgot I was listening to music. It felt like I was listening to what silence sounds like in another dimension.

Iasos was one of the first New Age musicians. He created a music that focused more on effects and feeling rather than melodies and instruments. Along with other pioneers such as Brian Eno, Vangelis and Steven Halpern, Iasos paved the way into a genre that is probably more popular today that it was then, when his first album came out in 1975.

That album was called… Inter-Dimensional Music.

Yes, you’ve read the title right : his music is coming from other dimensions. That’s the point I wanted to know more about when I shot Iasos an email.

Theødor. I’ve read accounts of how you’ve started music, and it seemed to have been difficult at first, both because working with fellow musicians wasn’t easy and because the music that you imagined didn’t exist… yet.

Iasos. Correct. The other musicians were (of course) trying to create conventional “earth music”. And I was attempting to create a totally new type of music, not yet common on earth. So this was a frustrating and fruitless effort, until I switched to doing it myself with multi-track tape-recorders, rather than trying to create it with other musicians.

Do you think this experience forged the way your worked for the next decades ?

No, Not at all. I simply do the best I can — with whatever is available to me, at any given moment. I do my best to work through all obstacles, and continue to do my best to « externalize » into actual sound waves, whatever music I am hearing in my mind. Of course, over the years, the music technologies keep improving, and my skill with these technologies also keeps improving, so I am gradually getting progressively more accurate external renditions (versions) of the music I am hearing in my mind. So, over the years, the sophistication-of-creation keeps improving, but the underlying SPIRIT remains the same.

Since the very beginning of your work, you’ve stated that you’re music came from somewhere else. Can you tell us from where… and who sent it to you ?

There is a wonderful higher-dimensional being named Vista.

As I gradually « remembered » and realized, Vista and I had made an agreement (before I was born), that:

I would incarnate on earth, become proficient with music, and then he would transmit music ideas (musical visions) into my mind, and I would do my best to externalize that music, as actual sound waves that anyone could hear.

And I would do my best to make this music publicly available.

The whole purpose and reason behind this collaboration was to create music that would facilitate people raising their vibrations, so that they could stay « in sync » with our planet, which is now also shifting upwards dimensionally, as it is raising its vibrations.

Vista is a wonderful magnificent being, and I love him dearly.

And I have made it « publicly available » in all the major outlets, such as Amazon, iTunes, BandCamp, CD Baby, and my own website —

Who are the beings you work with, especially Vista — and why are they sending you this music ?

Each song has its own unique answer to this question. But Vista is always there, in the background, giving me suggestions to improve what I’m working on.

For example, when I was working on my album of high-energy, happy, tropical dance music — Bora Bora 2000 — I was getting a lot of rhythmic ideas and inspiration from a group of « Masai Masters » that had an extremely evolved sense of rhythm.

And when I was working on The Angels of Purity from my Realms of Light album, I had about 8 female angels singing to me, with one of them being the « conductor » or musical leader of this group.

When I was working on Pan — Musing from my Essence of Lemuria album, I had the nature god Pan, sending « impressions » to me.

But throughout ALL of this,Vista is always there — whispering helpful ideas into my mind.

And WHY are they doing this?

Because it delights them, to have someone on the physical dimension through which they can « anchor » their musical visions into the earth, since they feel such music would be beneficial to those on the physical dimension.

Are you merely a vessel of this music ?

Rather than « vessel », I think perhaps a more accurate way to describe this would be to say that this is a « collaboration ». I think of myself as a « step-down transformer » for Vista. Or, you could say, I am a local branch-office for Vista. And I « collaborate » with Vista and these other beings, in creating this music.

As you are working with those beings, can you be considered to be the first inter-dimensional new age music band ?

I do not think I’m the « first » anything.

If so, why aren’t they on the album cover ? How can you provide a photo of beings that exist on higher dimensions?

There are multiple reasons for this:

#1. In remote viewing, they have a term called « front loading ». This means you give some information about what they are supposed to remote view, BEFORE they attempt to remote view something/somewhere. « Front loading » always influences what is perceived.

So they try to be VERY careful to NOT « front load » a remote-viewer.

If I were to tell people all about the source of any particular music, this would influence how they perceive that music, as opposed to allowing them to have ANY experience of that music that their imagination brings up.

Example: The very famous new age painter (and my friend) Gilbert Williams, does not like to give titles to his paintings that are too specific, because this restricts each person’s ability to use their full imagination to interpret it ANY way they wish.

#2. I do not have access to an inter-dimensional camera, to do that.

#3. Some of these being, like Vista, exist in SUCH a high dimension, that Form is Optional: They do not have to have any particular form, although they can take on any form they wish. I experience Vista, not by « seeing » him, but instead by « sensing » his unique personality.

#4. Early in my career, I learned that there was a nice demographic spread of people that would love, enjoy, and benefit from my music. BUT, if they learned that this music was « channeled », for many, this would totally turn-them off to my music, and they would from then on, always religiously AVOID listening to my music. So, for the sake of benefiting as many people as possible, I avoid going to great lengths broadcasting that this music is channeled from other beings (which certain religious types would be quick to automatically label as channeling demons, or the devil, etc.) So I can spread more benefit by keeping a low profile on the channeling aspect.

Also, these beings transmitting music to me are more interested in benefiting humans, rather than personal ego-gratification.

Can you communicate with him at any time… even during concert ?

The communication is never « verbal ».

We do not « chat » and have normal conversations.

I can not arbitrarily ask him a question at any time and expect an immediate response.

It is more of a musical influence. For example, when Vista and others wish and hope that I manifest a new piece of music, they ALWAYS honor my free will. So they transmit a musical vision to me that is SO beautiful, that it melts my Heart SO much, that I agree to manifest this new music.

Whenever Vista sends me some new music, I always receive 3 things:

  1. The music (the chords and melodies)
  2. Technical ideas on HOW to create certain sounds or special-effects for that particular piece.
  3. The general effect that this particular piece will have on listeners.

(Open the heart? Simulate the 3rd eye? Get them more grounded? etc.)

And this read-out on how it will affect people is ALWAYS 100% accurate.

So Vista and I never really « chat ». It is more of a « mentally receiving » of music-related ideas, and this occurs typically when my ATTENTION is focused on music — such as during live concerts, or while I’m working on creating music in my home studio.

By the way, Vista also gives me visual ideas. It’s not just music ideas.

My understanding is that:

  • Music is capable of inducing Divine Emotions.
  • Visuals are capable of inducing Divine Thought-Forms.

When the Music and Visuals are working together — synchronistically and synergistically — their combined influence can “ignite”the viewer into more expanded states of being.

This is the underlying reason why ALL my concerts, since the early 1970s have been multi-media concerts. Initially, I had one slide projector during my concerts. Then the concert-visuals kept getting progressively more and more complex. And now I project video that is perfectly synchronized with the music.

My first DVD — Crystal Vista — released in 1981, was a tribute to Vista and his female partner Crystal. This DVD is technically quite crude by modern standards, since it used video reel-to-reel recorders synchronized together, to create multi-layered moving images. More recently, my DVD — Realms of Light — the DVD — was created with modern video software in a computer, so it is of course, much more technically sophisticated. But the underlying SPIRIT is the same in both cases.

So Vista is not named « Vista » for nothing. There is a reason for his name. He represents a highly-evolved 3rd eye. So from Vista’s point of view, the visuals I create are just as important as the music.

Do you have an example of how Vista communicates with you ?

Once I was back-stage getting ready to begin a concert.

Standard practice: I « tune in » to Vista just before the concert. While waiting back stage, I mentally tuned into Vista, and I transmitted the thought:

“Vista, I would LOVE to feel your energies more vividly than usual.”

Then, within a second, something AMAZING happened, and it only lasted about 1 second. Imagine about 32 hours of the most heavenly, beautiful, intricate, evolving visuals that you can possibly imagine. Then imagine someone squeezing those 32 hours of gorgeous intricate visuals into a laser beam that beams this into your 3rd eye in about 1 second! WOW! That was INTENSE!

THAT was Vista’s immediate response, to my request to experience him more VIVIDLY than usual! (And now, many years later, I am still trying to absorb and assimilate what he sent me in that 1-second transmission.)

Do you think you are the only one, artist or not, to have come into contact with those beings ?

I do not think I am the « only » anything.

There are MANY, MANY, MANY humans that have contact with MANY, MANY, MANY higher-dimensional beings! And, since the earth is now gradually raising in vibration, and since this is causing more and more people to raise their vibrations sufficiently, to where they are becoming « telepathically sensitive », therefore, every month there are MORE and MORE humans receiving thoughts from higher-dimensional beings! Remember: Throughout the galaxy, communicating telepathically is the norm.

Also, the universe always tends to work with extreme redundancy.

There is a funny joke about the redundancy in all universal processes:


When a man ejaculates, why does he transmit about 6 million sperm, when only ONE of them will reach the egg?


Because of all those 6 million sperm, NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM is willing to ask for directions.

You’ve always stated that your work was aimed at « healing »,

Actually, I have never stated that.

In fact, I AVOID « labeling » my music as « healing music ».

(The only tiny exception: My SACRED SONIC TOOLS album has one track whose name is Pleiadian Healing Cycles. This is the ONLY exception.)

There are innumerable new age musicians that label their music as « healing » music.

But I am definitely not one of them.

I have aimed at creating heavenly uplifting music.

My GOAL is BEAUTY, my Goal is UPLIFTMENT, not healing.

But this is how it works:

LOVE is the CAUSE, and BEAUTY is the RESULT.

Then BEAUTY becomes the CAUSE, and HEALING is the RESULT.

That’s why going for a walk in nature can be so healing — because of the BEAUTY in nature.

So my CONSCIOUS INTENTION is heavenly uplifting music, beautiful music.

I have NEVER EVER promoted any Iasos concert as a “healing music” concert.

Yet, after many concerts, people come up to me and tell me “Thanks for the healing”.


But HEALING is often an automatic unannounced BY-PRODUCT of this.

By the way, I actually find it to be very STRANGE to be on a planet where people even NEED to be healed. How strange!

“Heaven’s Back Door” by John Lawton Cullison, Jr.

Do you really think your music, and music as a whole, can help bring some kind of Paradise on earth ? Does it have something to do with communications with other dimensions ?

Well, first of all, in my understanding:

« Paradise on earth » IS in fact now coming into existence — REGARDLESS of my music or any other music existing or not existing here. Our planet is on the verge of blossoming into a GOLDEN AGE of peace, love, abundant prosperity, wonderful health, open interaction with our galactic family, and highly advanced star-trek like technologies from our loving galactic family. This IS in the process of manifesting — REGARDLESS of what music exists or does not exist here.

But music can be an influence — beneficial or otherwise.

Let me explain. The net results of the MASS FEELINGS of mankind (and womankind) is the underlying CAUSE for all the « bad weather » we experience — such as tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and some of the earth-quakes. If the MASS FEELINGS of humanity on earth were more loving, caring, peaceful, and harmonious, then the global weather would be WAY more pleasant and WAY less violent.

So it works like this:

The MASS EMOTIONS of the humans on the planet affects the GLOBAL WEATHER. And MUSIC affects the MASS EMOTIONS of the humans on the planet.

So, to answer your question, Music can “help”.

If there is more harmonious, loving, caring music on the planet (not just from me, but from ANY musician), then this will influence — not ALL humans, but ONLY those humans whose emotions are capable of resonating and responding to these loving, peaceful, blissful feelings.

For example, someone who is filled with HATRED would not resonate with such loving harmonious music, so it would have absolutely no effect on them. But if someone else is sometimes loving and something sad, they could resonate with such loving feelings, so it could have an uplifting harmonizing effect on them.

Musical preferences = Emotional preferences.

People choose music that makes them feel the emotions they wish to feel.

So harmonious loving music could influence that portion of the global population that wishes to feel good, feel harmonious, feel blissful.

And then, THAT portion of the population would radiate a more « paradise on earth » type of energy onto the planet.

You see, we are all swimming in this one soup of planetary energies.

Each and every one of us is helping or hurting the global condition, depending on whether our thoughts and feelings are harmonious or otherwise.

You might say, « How can one person influence the entire planet? »

It’s like this:

Imagine you have a very LARGE pot of soup that you are making.

Then imagine that you add a tiny amount of one particular spice into that
LARGE pot of soup.
That tiny amount of spice will change the flavor of the ENTIRE soup!
Likewise, the radiation of each person contributes to the « flavor » of the ENTIRE planet!

When you are angry, you are hurting the over-all global energies.

When you are happy, or loving, or caring, or blissed-out, you are helping and improving the over-all global energies.
So, do you really want to help the planet?

Then BE more harmonious! Simple!

And in terms of « communicating with other dimensions », this is a natural and normal evolutionary progression. It is already happening, and it will continue to happen more and more. This is normal. This is natural.

But this is not so much CAUSING « paradise on earth ».

It is more, the RESULT of « paradise on earth ».

In the 80s, we’ve seen the appearance of a genre that spawned from New Age ambient music but that seemed opposed to it in its intent : dark ambient. What do you think about it, since, from what I know, all your work is aimed at positivity ?

Yes, the INTENT of ALL my music is positive-only.

I feel neutral about this situation. I consider it predictable.

Here’s the deal:

Musicians are actually merchants selling emotions served on the platter of sound.

They are really marketing emotions, not sound.

Sound is merely HOW those emotions are delivered.

And for absolutely ANY emotion that you can think of, there are musicians specializing in creating music with precisely THOSE emotions.

So for EVERY possible emotion, there are musicians catering to exactly that emotion.

And, as I mentioned,


Therefore each listener gets to pick what music they wish to listen to.

People that enjoy sadness get to pick sad music.

People that enjoy happiness get to pick happy music.

People that enjoy « dark » feelings, get to pick « dark » music.

And people that enjoy ecstatic feelings, get to pick ecstatic music.

My specialty, as a musician, is high-frequency ecstatic feelings.

So those that wish to feel that way, tend to be attracted to my music.

I feel neutral about this situation.

It’s a very democratic system, really.

Each one chooses music according to what type of feelings they wish to feel.

How do you explain the fact that your music was pointed out, in 1989, to bear a remarkable resemblance to what people living near-death experience hear when they get close to what’s next ?

Well, we need to be more precise here. It was not just « my music », but one particular piece of mine — The Angels of Comfort — which is on my Inter-Elixir album, and the extended half-hour version is on my Angelic Music album.

Here’s how I explain it:

At a certain point in my musical evolution, I reached the point where I felt:


So then, I thought about this, and asked myself,

If this is true, then what music would you like to create?

I decided that I would like to create music that has the energies of The Holy Spirit in it.

And I do not mean this in the Christian sense of the word. I mean this in the Universal sense of the word. In my understanding The Holy Spirit (working with the Angels of Comfort) is very directly involved with every birth upon this planet, and every death upon this planet. It’s job is to make these transitions as comfortable, peaceful, and loving as possible. So it’s involved in all the « comings » and « goings ».

So I made a deep sincere and STRONG telepathic request within my Heart:

« Oh Holy Spirit, I would really LOVE to create some music that has your energies in it. »

I figured, if I get any music ideas along these lines, within the next 3–4 months, that would be just great!

But to my GREAT surprise, about 1 week later, I recorded some background chords,

and later when I was analyzing and studying what I had recorded, I came to the


« This sounds like a composed piece of music! »

And soon after, I came to the even MORE SHOCKING REALIZATION that:

« Oh my God! This music is the answer to my request to create music that has the energies of the Holy Spirit in it! »

And since the Holy Spirit is directly involved with every birth and every death,

I am not at all surprised to learn that it is « Most like what NDEs heard while they were on the other side. » In fact, quite often I receive communications from fans telling me that they played this music for their family member or friend, when they were dying. And mothers sometimes tell me that they were playing this music while giving birth to their child. It all makes sense.

The funny thing is this:

Many people used to consider the name of my company — « Inter-Dimensional Music » — to be nothing more than a superficial marketing hype. But when this information came out about the NDEs and my music, this was the FIRST « evidence » confirming the inter-dimensional nature of my music.

Does your music connect with any religions, old, new or yet to come ?

My religion is LOVE. And LOVE is Universal and Eternal.

Most earth religions are intentional « control mechanisms » designed to keep their followers in a limited state of consciousness, where they do not realize that:

They-themselves have DIRECT ACCESS TO GOD.

They do not need any intermediary, like a priest, rabbi, or shaman, to reach God. They are powerful God-Beings and Goddess-Beings! Already!

So LOVE is the only religion my music endeavors to « connect » with.

My final question is : you were quite ahead of your time in 1975… but you’re music seems to be getting quite a lot of attention nowadays

It’s funny. My friends have always told me « Iasos, you are way ahead of your time« .

I released my first album — Inter-Dimensional Music — in 1975, and around 2012 (37 years later!) that album was starting to attract a lot of attention and enthusiasm.

It’s notably the case because ambient music has made a rather powerful come back. How do you feel about all that… and does Vista feel about it ?

I’m fine with it.

For Vista, NONE of this is a surprise. He can « see what’s coming » many years into the future. So the impression I have always gotten from Vista is this:

As the planetary vibrations keep rising, and as the vibrations of the people keep rising, the amount of people that are receptive and responsive to the music I am creating will continue to increase. The small « demographic spread » of those appreciative of this music, will gradually keep widening and getting bigger and bigger.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what is now (gradually) occurring.

To know more and buy Iasos music, feel free to visit his website.




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