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TRYANGLE, a Cabinet of Curious Stories for the Digital Age

Created in Paris by a collective of dubious frenchmen, Tryangle now turns to the english speaking world to share bits of his wicked european mind. Devoted to the weird wild web and everything that’s new in the kingdom of strange, Tryangle has been collecting stories and interviews for years, in a quest to dive deeper and deeper in madness. Our motto : stay weird.

It was march 2012. A selected few and I gathered in a Parisian appartement to smoke and drink, and set the first stone of a media project : we all felt rather happy and peaceful, sure of ourselves, sure of science and quite satisfied with western civilization. And that evening, we all came to a point were we realized : we hated it. Our desire was clear, our decision, taken : we wanted to read weird stories, the kind that shatters your view of the world-and every certainty you think you have about what to do in life. In other words, we did not want to be informed or entertained, we wanted more mystery.

That’s how we started writing about strange cults, digital age sex fantasies and the sacred place of beer in nordic druidic religions. Five hundred articles later, we had progressed in the direction of insanity, walking with caution of course, we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.

Tryangle is about exploring the human mind and the dark corners of the psyche. We study all types of gathering of kindred spirits haunted by the very same dream, or the very same nightmare. Exploring the weird is our way to find wisdom.

Tryangle is not about giving an “opinion”. On the very contrary, we live in a gray dimension and we like to stay that way. It’s the toughest place to stay in, (if you want my opinion). Keeping an open mind and never laughing at anything but ourselves.

Tryangle is a small group of people, strange (and lovely), who are adept of what we like to call bizarrism, the way of the weird, which is less about being weird than listening and understanding the one who are.

If you want to read example of our first article in english :

When you set out on disturbing your own mind (and the mind of others), you need some kind of method. Ours is fairly simple : *take a deep breathe* it’s a computer-based transe that channels the deepest collective fears and fantasies in a matter of second using the latest marvel in information technologies. Yeah, some people would say google and a dirty mind, but we prefer to call it, internetomancy. Let me explain : Google is a modern day confessionnal. Everyone goes there to ask our lord computer where to find a place to satisfy his needs, be it a hammer to repair a shelf, an ingredient for a magic ritual or a adult sized bronies costume for a geek sex orgy, it alls has to get through the same door :

So we get to that magic door, and dive into our own mind to find a strange idea, something that looks like nobody in its right mind could do it, something you immediatly think you are the very first to have thought about it and then… you not only discover you are not the only one, and that there are hundred or thousands of people that gather around it.

That’s how I discover a club of people fantasizing on ironing.

Google is a door to the common unconscious, strange dream and nightmares alike. That’s how we like to explore our times — and spend most of my sunday afternoon.

My name is Theødor, I’m the founder of this project and I like to define myself as a collector. I’ve been writing the french version since 2012, but I also wrote for Motherboard (Vice) and Slate. You can talk to me on Twitter or by email. I’ll add the rest of the french team along the way.



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