How to Properly Position as ADC in League of Legends + TIPS

This post is dedicated to League of Legends players who are looking to become a better ADC carry. Today we will be focusing on two main areas, team fight positioning and laning phase positioning.

AD carries can destroy summoners in seconds, but one wrong move will have an entire team dive your position losing you game after game. Follow these two steps and put our tips to action and you”ll be playing better than bronze in no time. The first step is learning the laning phase, I’ll be talking about what to do and what not to do. The second step will be learning how to properly position in team fights.

TIP: Stand in front of your caster minions if you want to attack the enemy champions.

TIP: Stand behind the caster minions if you want to play safe.

Properly Positioning Yourself in the Laning Phase:

How to Position as ADC in League of Legends

Always ward this bush while pushing the lane.

Bush Warding bot lane in league of legends

Best option if bot tower is being attacked in the laning phase is to back off if there are two players attacking the tower. Never try and defend the tower alone, wait for your teammates to be around.

TIP: Standing on the tower when being dived will cause them to attack the tower instead of you due to the towers huge hitbox.

If you are confident you may stand in a safe position away from the tower where your minions come. The X shows the best positions for defending a bot tower.

League of Legends ADC Proper Positioning By Tower

TIP: If a canon minion is present, play safe… This is the pushing wave and could cause you to get killed. Do not try and play hero and contest the bot tower being attacked. An ADC should only ever get close to the tower when alone while it is being attacked if he can see a top lane and middle lane

TIP: Never go all in unless a champion is below 25% health, signal your support to do what you want them to do before going in.

Before an ADC goes in one a one v one in laning phase proper precautions should be taken, remember to always check the map to see if there are missing enemies, if top or middle is missing never go in.

Value your life and do not die for silly reasons like chasing an enemy champion into their jungle or getting too aggressive, just chill and think before taking action.

TIP: When you have successfully killed the players in the bot lane and all lanes are present go in and take the tower, only then should you.

Proper ADC Positioning Attacking Turret Bot Lane

When you have successfully managed to push in a tower at five or ten minutes in, it’s risky to try and attack it while two enemy champions are present, a good jungle will come and attack you if you are not at full health. Best thing to do is keep distance.

TIP: There are two missing enemies, what should I do. Attack the tower or back off past the black line. Best thing to do is back off, you are putting yourself at a huge risk if you do not prepare yourself for the possibility of a gank.

League of Legends Proper Positioning While Attacking Turret

How to Properly Position in Team Fights as an ADC in League of Legends:

TIP: Playing safe and not taking risk is how an ADC win games.

TIP: Simple rule, never fight an enemy unless you know his teammates are not near and that you have a clear item advantage, this can be seen by pressing on the player and looking at the item slots.

TIP: ADCS should always stand back and wait for a fight to break out, never go in first and never be without your team after the fifteen-minute mark.

TIP: You will solve every error of you dying if you spread out and stand next to a CC support, for if an enemy dives you will be able to flash away and wait for your team to respond.

TIP: Flash is vital for an ADC in team fights, not wasting a flash to kill an enemy or to get away takes practice. The best tip on not wasting your flash is to play safe, do not go in if you are uncertain, do not follow your team mates to your death, wait and watch but don’t be too far.

Always be on the safest side of your team mates. Being slightly behind every member of your team is the best way to prepare yourself for the possibility of the enemy team diving you.

Proper ADC Team Fight Positioning

TIP: Stand beside your support for he can catch the team when they dive you.

TIP: If a player suddenly runs at you run away, usually they know something you don’t.

TIP: Wait for your opponent to react before you react.

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