Master of Orion Review

Master of Orion is truly a unique take on turn-based space exploration video games, developed by NGD Studios located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Published by Wargaming and released conveniently on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS on the date August 25th for those who are interested in knowing those details.

The game can be bought on steam, or on GOG. Purchasing on GOG allows purchasers to play on the go, may that be in a coffee shop or on the go driving down the road on a long trip GOG saves you time and frustration, we highly recommend purchasers buying the game off of GOG.

In today’s review we will be taking a look at a unique game we found onMetacritic scoring high 70’s, and that game is called Master of Orion. Space exploration game that has mostly positive reviews on steam and the web proving that this game is worthwhile.

First review category is gameplay, the second review critic is visuals, third review criteria is sound. Together these three critics will signal out a good game if all three have high ratings. Stick around and read the rest of the review to know if Master of Orion is worth your time.

The visuals look and feel cartoon-like, this doesn’t necessary indicate the visuals are unattractive, we’re implying that the visuals are unique. You can get a look and feel of what the graphics look like below:

Master of Orion Review

As we can see the graphics look clean and crisp, but the graphics, visuals appears childish. The problem is, younger people will love the game while older or more serious gamers will look the other way and not give Master of Orion the time of day. The visuals may look childish to some, but to most, the in-game visuals are okay and don’t have a negative effect on their experience.

Have you heard anyone say, gameplay before visuals? People say that saying because we know, without a fun enjoyable gameplay experience the game feels empty and a waste of time. The great news is Master of Orion has both exceptional gameplay and visuals that combine and create a rich experience.

The research system works like the civilization series sharing similarities like when we select a technology we have to wait a certain amount of turns before the technology completes and we may use it. Also both civilization and Master of Orion research systems have tiers of upgrades, the technology starts off less powerful and gradually as we complete turns and complete the research of suggested tech we unlock more powerful technology exactly like researching in civilization.

After completing technology that advances your ships we may automatically apply the tech by paying currency, making the process of selecting and upgrading the technology a breeze saving time and frustration.

When discovering races in galaxy players are selected with options that appear to be exactly or identical to the civilization franchise and some of those identical options are trading and talking to an enemy race.

Here’s what Master of Orion UI looks like when negotiating:

Master of Orion Review

Now here’s what civilization UI looks:

Civilization 5 Negotiating Screen

Master of Orion and civilization series have lots of gameplay similarities resulting in the game not being original. Some TryGamers will be happy and not mind that Master of Orion took inspiration from civilization and made a space version.

The final verdict is:

In no way does Master of Orion feel like a waste of time. TryGamers recommends Master of Orion, 3/5 Stars.

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