Fourth Draft: The Succulent Guys (Farmers Market)

Recently I’ve been getting on myself about being more actionable on ideas.

At work I read a quote, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

I decided to change it:

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to DO

When starting your own business, I believe it is all about taking action, trying things and seeing what happens. Instead of planning, doing it and adjusting along the way. This idea really echoes this.


About 2 weeks ago I was driving home from work and had the idea to buy succulent/pots and sell them at a farmers market. Lately I’ve had a desire to sell something at the farmers market and my roommates love succulents…so I knew I could rope them in!

Immediately I called my roommate Trevor and said let’s go buy product tomorrow and sell them as soon as possible. A week later we had a booth at the farmers market and were selling succulents.

This first time out was an experiment to see if people actually wanted to buy succulents. We also wanted to see what types of pot/succulent combinations people liked and build the next phase around that. So we narrowed it down to two types of pots “Trendy” & “Fun”. We priced them at $8 & $12 (for bigger ones) and were making a little profit, but nothing spectacular.


When we went out to sell at the market, I told Trevor a win for us would be selling 3 succulents to people who are not our friends. It’s safe to say our experiment worked a lot better than expected!


We ended up selling 5 succulents to our friends and 9 succulents to people who weren’t our friends. I definitely would consider that a win as we tripled our goal. I made a few observations for why it was successful:

  1. People really like succulents. Especially people in their 20’s, we had a lot of people our age coming up to us asking about our succulents and talking about their’s. So we’ll start tailoring what we do around that age group.
  2. Posting the prices clearly on the table worked really well. I decided we needed to make it clear what our prices were from a distance so that anyone that talked to us already knew our prices and were good sales leads.
  3. Using a square and taking credit/debit card was a good move. Everyone that bought succulents, paid in card. It’s really a good move to take card, you loose 3%, but that’s better than not having any sales at all!
  4. People love the weird fun succulents/pot holders. Trevor and I were debating this before the market, I thought everyone would be all about the super trendy pots and holders, but that wasn’t true. We ran out of all our fun ones and people didn’t stop talking about them

Excited to have an idea work well!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this experiment or if you want to collaborate on one I am always in! Just let me know, my email is

We will be out at the Newport Pier Farmers market on Sunday experimenting more with this idea, come check it out! Thanks for reading!