Second Draft: Hotspot App (V.1)

Debated for a while on sharing this, but might as well.

This is a throwback experiment, still a good one I learned a lot from.

Truly the first product I attempted to build is Hotspot. A few years back (about my sophomore year of college) I noticed I had a knack for discovering free concerts, picturesque locations and quality events.

One Friday night a buddy and I were hanging out and noticed that there was so many underclassmen with so much time but have no idea what to do with it. So right then we decided to start keeping a list of things to do in our phones, the second we thought of something we wrote it down.

The next thing I did was set a meeting with a talented entrepreneur I knew from my hometown. We met at the Creative Agency he was running and I pitched the idea to him (probably not to well). But he liked it, grabbed his team and we started brainstorming and building out the idea.

MVP: We decided to build an email service that sends people 3 events in their area for the week. We built a landing page for a user to input their email. We decided we would start with one city and start adding cities, so we started with Sacramento.

In the few months we had the landing page up, we had about 30 people sign up. This isn’t a bad starting number, but most of it was family and friends and we really didn’t gain much traction (if any) outside of that. Three thoughts on why it didn’t work:

  1. We started in the Sacramento area, our target demographic was college students….we really weren’t in a college hub.
  2. College Students get spammed with email so why would they sign up for another one they probably would just delete
  3. I was going to school in LA and my focus dramatically began to dwindle.

To be honest this was really the first business I went for and even though it never got off the ground, this will always be the defining point in my life where I knew this is what I want to do.

Thanks for reading. Working on projects now…more results coming soon.