Vegas Nightclubs for Weed? Here’s What That Might Look Like.

Envisioning the future of cannabis-infused Las Vegas nightlife

Earlier this month, pro-cannabis Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom proposed Senate Bill 236, which if passed, would allow local governments in the state to issue licenses to businesses for public marijuana consumption. While the state has legalized recreational marijuana — which could go into effect as soon as July 1st — it restricts where people can enjoy it, limiting usage to the privacy of one’s own home. That complicates things for the 40 million-plus tourists that annually descend upon Las Vegas alone, many of whom would technically be committing a crime by using cannabis products in hotel rooms or on the strip, even if they bought legally from a local dispensary like Reef.

Without destinations to enjoy cannabis publicly, tourists will inevitably roll the dice and light up wherever they choose. Without boundaries, we may see clouds of smoke in places that we don’t want to see them, such as family destinations, pools, or sports events. This may be less out of defiance and more based on inconvenience or a plain misunderstanding of the law. Just as tobacco smoking is unlawful at restaurants and open-container alcohol is limited to the Las Vegas Strip, mapping out select destinations for cannabis use will help avoid confusion and define clear perimeters for tourists and locals alike.

As a solution, Segerblom’s bill suggests the idea of cannabis social clubs, much like the “coffeeshops” in Amsterdam, where adults could publicly enjoy cannabis without penalty. Given that Las Vegas generates over $5 billion per year from the casinos — an estimated 1/10 of that from nightclubs — the prospect of cannabis-infused nightlife is very exciting. Here’s what Vegas might look like in the near future if Senate Bill 236 passes.

1. Nightclubs

Las Vegas nightclubs have undergone massive transformations in the last decade or so, evolving from cramped, overcrowded underground boxes into spacious, sprawling, visually arresting destinations. The bottle-service model — in which high prices are paid for alcohol and premium seating in the venue — could easily be applied to cannabis. Although it is unlikely that alcohol would also be served in these venues, swap out Rosé bottle carrying waitresses for ones serving the finest flower, edibles, and concentrates, while a headlining DJ fills up the dance floor with a wide variety of music. The social element of marijuana could have a stronger effect on club-goers, actually keeping people at the venue longer than those of alcohol. Bonus: no hangovers, blackouts, or waking up in strange places.

2. Concert Venues

Currently, it’s almost inevitable that someone will light up at a concert, especially if the artist is weed friendly. So why not designate certain concert venues weed friendly as well? As the Entertainment Capitol of the World, Las Vegas hosts hundreds of major artists per month, many of whom support national marijuana legalization efforts. Imagine a venue in which not only is it legal to indulge, but also to purchase product while your favorite band, singer, or rapper performs.

3. Music Festivals

In our minds, there is no place more fit for legal, public marijuana consumption than a music festival. At least 24 deaths have been recorded at U.S. musical festivals since 2006, almost every time related to illegal drugs like MDMA, GHB, and ketamine. These substances are prohibited on festival grounds, but if a safe, legal alternative like cannabis was available to use, we might see a decrease in festival deaths as we move forward. Given that many music festivals happen outdoors in large, open spaces, it would be great to see annual events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Life Is Beautiful able to embrace the state of Nevada’s new recreational use laws.

4. Coffeeshops

The Netherlands — and more particularly, Amsterdam — has had this figured out for a while now, having implemented “coffeeshops” for cannabis use since the 1970s. Yes, these non-alcoholic venues do sell coffee, but more particularly they allow customers to purchase and use marijuana in almost any form. As a proven, safe and successful model, this is highly likely to be the blueprint that is followed if the measure is passed in Nevada.

5. Lounges

Wouldn’t it be great if right after purchasing your recreational cannabis from your local dispensary, you could go right next door to a specialized lounge on the same property to use it? That could be a reality one day, following the pub model, complete with budtenders, DJs, live music, and flat-screens broadcasting sports events.

6. Strip Clubs

We don’t really need to go too deep into this one, but similar city ordinances put strip clubs on the same blocks as many dispensaries — in fact, Reef’s Las Vegas Strip location is located right next to the world famous Spearmint Rhino. A marriage of these two types of businesses seems inevitable.

7. Yoga Studios

Companies like CannaYoga in Las Vegas are already experimenting with joining the activities of yoga and using marijuana. Mind and body benefits that are shared between the two practices include stress relief, calming of the nervous system, muscle pain relief, and attention sharpening. CannaYoga’s mantra seems to capture this idea perfectly by “combining two of the world’s greatest ancient healing practices.”

8. Restaurants

With the rising popularity of edibles and cooking with cannabis, it only makes sense that restaurants that specialize in infused dishes will begin to pop up in Las Vegas, if and when recreational destinations are legalized. Since only small dosages are needed when consuming marijuana, a Firefly-esque tapas restaurant could exquisitely blend the social aspect of cannabis with sparse, appetizing meals.

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