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3 Python Packages Building the Future of Data Science

Pandas GUI — a graphical interface for Pandas

Pandas GUI provides a visual interface on top of Python. This GUI has featured focused around exploratory data analysis and data wrangling. Instead of needing to know the Python syntax to complete these tasks, you can complete them visually in the interface.

Here is a demo video:

To install, use this line of code:

pip install pandasgui


Mito is a Python package that is all about providing a spreadsheet experience inside of your Python environment. Each edit you make in the Mito spreadsheet generates the equivalent Python in the code cell below — no coding required!

In Mito you can make pivot tables:

From Author

You can also generate Plotly graphs and the equivalent code:

From Author

Mito also offers:

  • Merging
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Adding and Deleting Columns
  • Saving and Replaying Analyses (macros)
  • and more!

To install Mito, run these commands:

python -m pip install mitoinstaller
python -m mitoinstaller install

Then open Jupyter Lab and call the Mitosheet

import mitosheet

Here are the full install instructions.


Plotly alleviates some of the pain points of creating graphs in Python, and allows for the easy creation of interactive visualizations.

Ploty allows the user to create customary charts, such as the ones featured in the image below.

But Plotly also give access to chart types that are specifically geared for AI and ML project, an offering not found in many Python visualization packages.

Plotly’s most powerful differentiator is their focus on interactive charts that have a UI. This allows the creator of the chart to expand their audience to non-technical users, who interact with the chart in a point and click manner.

Here is an example of a simple interactive chart from Plotly’s documentation.

I hope you find these packages helpful and get a chance to try them out! Leave a comment, if you do :)



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