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3 Python Packages that make Python Easier

  1. Mito

Mito is a Python package that lets you use Python without needing to code. Mito open’s an interactive spreadsheet inside your Python environment. Each edit you make in the spreadsheet will generate the equivalent Python in the code cell below.

Here is a demo video:

Install commands for Mito:

python -m pip install mitoinstaller
python -m mitoinstaller install

Then open Jupyter Lab and call the Mitosheet

import mitosheet

The full instructions can be found in the documentation.

Mito is all about making Python more accessible. Many new, intermediate, and advanced users spend much of their time looking at documentation to get the correct syntax — Mito eliminates this. All you need to do is complete the task in the spreadsheet and Mito will write the code for you.

from Author

Mito also allows the user to see their data in real time, at every point in their analysis — no need to be constantly printing out the DataFrame.

from Author

Mito’s functionality includes:

  • Graphing
  • Pivoting Tables
  • Merging/Joining
  • Importing and Exporting Excel Files
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Spreadsheet Formulas
  • Summary Statistics
  • Deduplicating
  • Filling Null Values
  • and more!

Mito is open source and you can give it a star on Github here!

2. Kite Python

Kite uses AI to provide a plethora of auto-complete suggestions as you write Python. You can use Kite in many Python environments, including Jupyter.

As you write your code, Kite will use it’s algorithm that has been ran on huge amount of open source code to suggest correct and complete ways to finish the line you are on. Not only will it make Python easier, but it will help you write clean, correct, and efficient code.

Here is a demo video Kite’s Youtube channel:

3. Pandas GUI

Pandas GUI provides and interface that makes exploratory data analysis in Python really simple. As I mentioned above, getting the syntax correct for Python can be a huge learning curve for news users and intensely slow down advanced users. Pandas GUI lets you do EDA visually without needing to code. In terms of features, the tool provides:

  • summary statistics about the DataFrame
  • statistical analysis of the DataFrame
  • graphing analysis of the DataFrame
  • ability to reshape the DataFrame

Here is their demo video

In the image above, you can see all the different graphing options that the tool enable the users to access with minimal code.

To install, use this line of code:

pip install pandasgui

I hope you find these packages helpful :)




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