How to Install Apple’s San Francisco UI Fonts on Windows 10 for Figma Prototyping

Charles Rice
Dec 19, 2018 · 5 min read
Are Apple’s San Francisco fonts uninstallable on a Windows machine?

Step 1: Download the fonts

Sounds easy enough– after a quick Google I quickly found myself on the official source of Apple’s San Francisco fonts for text and display:

Step 2: Convert your Fonts to Installable Formats

The easy mode is to use an online converter, but I find that online tools like that don’t make it easy to convert multiple files at a time. This is probably to prevent people overloading their systems with huge requests. If you only have one or two fonts, you can probably use one like this:

# Just to make sure we have the latest repo info
sudo apt-get update
# Now install fontforge
sudo apt-get install fontforge -y
# Change directory to where you downloaded the fonts.
# Here’s where I put mine
cd /mnt/c/Users/Chuck/Downloads/Assets/Fonts/
# Quick and dirty hack: converts a font to truetype (.ttf)
Print(“Opening “+$1);
Print(“Saving “+$1:r+”.ttf”);
# Make that new script file executable
chmod +x
# Lost? Make sure you’re in the right directory!
# Check using pwd command:
charlesr@DESKTOP$ pwd
# Test out a single file to make sure it works as expected:
fontforge -script ./SF-Fonts-June19/SF-UI/SF-UI-Display-Black.otf
# Worked? Great! Let’s convert them all up
for i in ./SF-Fonts-June19/SF-UI/*.otf; do fontforge -script $i; done

Step 3: Install the Fonts

All that’s left is to install all the fonts! To make this easier, let’s put all the .ttf files in a folder:

# Move to the fonts folder
cd SF-Fonts-June19/SF-UI
# Make a new folder for the ttf
mkdir converted-fonts
# Now move all .ttf files to the new folder
mv *.ttf converted-fonts
# Prove they’re there
ls converted-fonts
The crescendo of our escapades– installing the fonts, finally.

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The best from Design, Tech and Business for all things Startup. You’ll love it…