Why T-Shirts?

Here’s a little bit about me…

I’m sure the first question someone would ask when they see the name of this publication would be: “Why t-shirts?” Why t-shirts and 6" Heels as a name for my personal blog no less? Well, the short answer is because those two things matter to me. I always tell the clients of my marketing company, who are learning to brand their businesses, that being able to use meaningful things to represent your brand is one of the best parts of becoming an entrepreneur. So in essence, I took my own advice.

The T-Shirt Part

In addition to the marketing company dedicated to helping small business owners learn the concept of branding and implement inexpensive strategies to DO branding within their means (yes, that was a plug), I also started a t-shirt business that donates 15% of the proceeds to organizations that support women recovering from domestic violence, homelessness, orphans around the globe. The motto of that company, Truth Tees Apparel, is “sending love around the globe.” So that is what t-shirts represent to me; They are an opportunity for people to wear their support of other people around the world in different situations than their own. The thought is that we can change this world by helping each other a little at a time.

My Background

Technically, I am an engineer by trade. Surprising right? I graduated from the wonderful Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering the year 2006 (whew! Time flies). So why not engineering? Simply put, it wasn’t for me. I felt a strong pull away from corporate america and after A LOT of hesitation (which included calculating and recalculating the amount of money I was walking away from), I quit. I submitted my notice and that was it! My only plan was to write a book and make handmade greeting cards. Yes, greeting cards. Before marketing, I ran a graphic design company called Put It On Paper that got its start from my passion for greeting cards. One day I got some advice that I should be making business cards instead, so I took it and never looked at a greeting card again. Some days I question whether or not that was the right decision, but I digress…

The 6" Heels Part

I LOVE fashion! Not the runway fashion, or modeling, or anything that most people may consider the industry of “fashion,” but I LOVE the idea of being able to express your creativity to the outside world every day through what you are wearing! That is what fashion represents to me. I love to shop at target, and I will probably never spend more than $39 (with free shipping) on shoes, but I LOVE to wake up and decide how I feel each day and then dress based on what my internal voice says is in store for the day. Of all the shoes I have, my FAVORITE shoes are the platforms with 6" heels! I became KNOWN for wearing these monstrous, clod hopping shoes, so I figured I would use them to represent this other aspect of my personality — feminine fashion. Together, the t-shirts — my businesses — and the 6" heels — my fashion, femininity, and social life (including my love of food), comprise T-Shirts & 6" Heels.

So there you have it! The explanation about the name of the publication, and a little bit about me all in one. If you find yourself here, I hope to share some insight with you about how I became an entrepreneur, how I manage, the tips & tricks I use to keep my sanity in times of stress, and other random things as I work to balance this thing called life.