Ally Miller unleashes lies and racism on social media based on false rumor she helped spread

It all began with a simple Facebook comment… Doug Martin is the former owner of conservative KVOI and Christian radio here in Tucson before selling to Bustos Media. Bustos decided to grant the morning flagship show “Wake Up Tucson” an extra hour on KVOI, giving them the 6–10 am morning slot.

Host Chris DeSimone is one of the biggest Ally Miller loyalists in Tucson who frequently has her on as a guest and was even recently appointed to a transportation committee by the District 1 Pima County Supervisor.

Doug Martin posted to Facebook about Kamila Harris and Medicare for all. One of the comments was from Bill Sellers.

Doug, I’m gonna laminate those pearls of wisdom and put it my wallet. By the way, ‘word on the street’ is you’re gunning for the Ally Miller seat at Pima BOS (???) When’s the announcement?

Doug, along with his wife Mary, responded to Ally Miller and Bill Sellers:

Ally Miller false rumor. It makes no sense to waste our time and money in a primary where the seat is safe and the incumbent wants to run. And I voted for you both times.

Bill Sellers responds:

Bill Sellers Good to know; I do think if you consider running for office, it should be for the AZ Legislature. But that will require a primary, however, I think the current occupants from NW Tucson are vulnerable.

Many in Pima County, however, know Ally Miller as a conspiracy theorists who appeals to white supremacists and the wing of the Republican party that thinks John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Martha McSally are too liberal.


Miller made headlines when she responded to the death at the White Supremacy rally in Charlottesville by proclaiming White Pride! Her controversial Facebook post is below.

Screenshot captured on the afternoon of the Charlottesville white supremacy rally that left one person dead.

There is also the story of Ally Miller calling 9-11 asking for round-the-clock police protection because of an article that went viral. Or when she called the FBI to investigate a false blog set up by her own staffer. There is no shortage of the craziness that flows from District on into the Republican TEA pots with plenty of Kool-Aid to be drunk.

Well, now there’s more madness to add to the list that features conspiracy and racism as always!

Remember that comment by Bill Sellers yesterday that we first mentioned above? Ally Miller reposted the rumor and let her followers run wild.

Ally Miller actively tagged 55 people on this post that has 87 comments.

The comments reveal the type of people who love Ally; her base of the truly deplorable. It includes accusations of Doug Martin being a liberal and his wife Mary being a “Communist China” sympathizer.

Doug Martin with his daughter Bekah Collins on the left and his wife Mary Martin in the middle. Source: Facebook.

Why would such a ludicrous accusation be made?

Perhaps a family photo reveals why the same people who hate Mexicans and Muslims may be prejudiced without even knowing a person and how books are judged by their covers by Ally loyalists.

To summarize the typical ignorant comments and racist accusations and conspiracy theories that Ally Miller facilitated by spreading a rumor on her Facebook page, the response by Doug and Mary Martin’s daughter, Bekah Collins, will give you an idea of the madness that made up many of the 87 comments.

Let me address all of these and be very clear. Ally Miller I am frankly disgusted by this.

I am Doug Martin and Mary Martin’s daughter and I cannot believe you would stoop so low as to post a RUMOR to Facebook in order to “learn the truth.” My father is not a difficult man to reach and I trust you know this about him. You had ample opportunity to ask him about these rumors and refused. Instead, your actions have led to numerous false and racist accusations. Let me take them one by one:

1. My mom was never involved in a Chinese whatever the accusation is. This is so ridiculously blatantly racist. I would ask you Ally Miller to condemn this ridiculous assertion.

2. My dad did not sell the radio stations because he is a liberal. He is absolutely NOT a liberal- he is extremely conservative. The reasons for them selling are, frankly, no ones business.

3. He is not running against you. But really, is this where we are now- this is the tool politicians are using to drum up support or start a conversation??

SHAME on you. I feel like I am in grade school again- and am now questioning your capacity to truly lead. I would ask that you shut down this disgraceful thread that absolutely is an attack on my parents- who, by the way, have been incredible assets to our community. Their reputations as philanthropists and community leaders is impeccable except to the psychotic crazies who sit on their computers at 2am trolling Facebook and creating conspiracy videos under ridiculous pseudonyms on YouTube.

Awesome to see these are your primary supporters- good for you. As for my friends who are involved in this thread, Christopher DeSimone and John Hohn please for the love of whatever sanity is left hanging by a thread speak some sense into your friend Ally Miller. This is insane and it’s exactly why the republicans will lose in the coming years- we act like immature, unorganized children while the democrats are a well-oiled machine that don’t turn against their own. This is absolutely pathetic and disgraceful.

Doug Martin finally posted a response on his own Facebook page this morning.

A rumor was started about me running against Ally Miller for the supervisor seat. This is false and the thread was filled with lies and misinformation. It illustrates human nature; that “the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) and the sinfulness of gossip. I hold no ill will about those who would initiate gossip and spread lies, (with the exception of the person who made racist comments about my wife), they will bear their own burdens and I will forgive and pray for them.



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