Ann Kirkpatrick continues to disappoint Native American and Latinos; Resolution Copper and not voting for the DREAM Act (VIDEO)

US Congressmember Ann Kirkpatrick, who is running for John McCain’s seat in the US Senate this year, was a guest on the Bill Buckmaster Show on July 1st, 2016.

Two issues that she is involved with that affect minorities were discussed, and once again her answers were not pleasant to those on the side of environmental and civil rights.

The first issue involves her constant fighting with the Apaches in her district over their sacred site known as Oak Flat. She still has scars over her blatant disrespect of Native American elders; scars as big as the 1.3 mile-deep Resolution Copper mine, which has the largest copper deposits in America, would leave on Apache sacred sites.

That day Nosie and Martha Interpreter-Baylish, a member of the San Carlos tribal council, sat down with Kirkpatrick and her chief of staff, Michael Frias. “Back in Arizona I’m hearing you’re supporting Resolution Copper,” Nosie recalled saying.
He asked her directly whether she supported the bill. Kirkpatrick responded that she did.
“Ann, the reason why I’m here is because you had told me that you would definitely hear both sides of the story,” Nosie said.
Kirkpatrick leaned forward in her chair. “Chairman, tell me, how is your religion going to put food on the table?” she said. “Tell me how your religion is going to help the children getting abused by their parents. How is your religion going to turn the bed sheets of your elders?”
The chairman stopped her. “Ann, don’t even go there,” he said.
The meeting broke up minutes later. The two haven’t spoken since.
Nosie said the tribe will keep working with Kirkpatrick on other issues, but he won’t support her reelection.
“She gave Indian Country a great hope,” the chairman said on a recent Sunday morning at the Oak Flats Campground. “And now that’s wiped clean.” He paused. “Another politician. Another politician that played us good.”
Source: The Hill.

Kirkpatrick is at odds with Congressman Raul Grijalva on this issue, and yet, to this day as mentioned on yesterday’s Buckmaster Show, Kirkpatrick is still perpetuating the colonization of America by having a foreign-owned company come in and take shiny valuable rocks away from sacred Native American sites.

Could we at least have an American-owned operation extracting these resources for the economic good of the community, instead of making foreign corporations richer?

The very next question asked of Kirkpatrick (excerpt in video above) by Dan Shearer of the Green Valley News is if she supports the Rosemont mine, to which see says no. The reason she gives is that Tucson is nearby.

So apparently it is more important to not mess up a scenic view for people in Tucson that to dig a hole into Mother Nature on an Apache sacred site?

After the first commercial break the conversation shifted to immigration which Shearer asks about. In Kirkpatrick’s response she mentions the DREAM Act. So we called in and asked her why she was the only Arizona Democratic Congressmember that did not vote yes on the DREAM Act when it was up for a vote in the House. Meanwhile Kirkpatrick was present to vote for the repeal of DADT, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; both votes taking place in December 2010 when Democrats ran the Presidency and both the Senate and the House.

Whatever excuse Kirkpatrick continues to give, the only real power a Congressmember has, and the reason we elect them, is to VOTE for us which is how a republic works. They can talk the talk, but it is voting on bills that matters.

Now passing the DREAM Act is a nightmare.

Originally published at TSON News.