Another huge resignation after HT’s departure: Auggie Romero to leave Pueblo HS after his protectors lose power

Last week, after HT Sanchez supporters made the claim that firing him with cause would be a losing ordeal that might cost TUSD millions in a lawsuit, the superintentendent decided the submit his resignation and walk away with a $200,000 check.

As part of the agreement, neither the board members may speak negatively of HT, and he cannot do so in return.

While we do not know what was mentioned in executive session, we do know some of the information being provided to board members since we have been part of collecting evidence since we exposed the hoarding of the Prop 301 monies in the summer. Recent revelations would have exposed a possible criminal act that is a felony, and if this was the bombshell that was dropped on HT last Tuesday then it makes sense why he resigne and did not even have the courage to show his face to all his supporters who showed in the pouring rain on February 28th.

This also makes sense why we since heard that Anna Maiden and Karla Soto have also resigned since they may have been involved in what took HT down.

We recently wrote on our Facebook page that it finally dawned on us why so many Democrats connected to Grijalva were going all in, ignoring reasoning and logic, to defend HT Sanchez. HT was the person holding the house of cards together. If he were to fall, then everything else would collapse. This means that the G-Crew would lose one of the three local branches of government that they have dominated: Pima County, City of Tucson, and Tucson Unified School District.

Auggie Romero is the latest Latino to give up on their students in TUSD, following in HT Sanchez’s lead.

Now we learn of the latest casualty, Auggie Romero, the horrible, unqualified and violent principal of Pueblo High School who has just announced his retirement at the end of this semester. Auggie is the person who almost got into a fight at a national conference (caught on video), who broke the state law by changing the grades of the soccer team so they could graduate from Pueblo after receiving F’s. State law says that only the teacher or the governing board has the power to change grades.

Furthermore, Romero has recently lost the trust of his colleagues by allegedly lending out his Master Key to friends so they could have access to the gym. Recently we have learned that Pueblo HS was broken into TWICE and the basketball court vandalized. The total damage may be over $1,000,000. Then we learn that the court was open and not broken into, which may have been a direct result of lending the master key out. His colleagues have no trust in him, which is why they leak these stories in a consistent manner, just as the whistleblowers continue to do.

Are more departures coming in TUSD? We predict Abel Morado, Matt Munger and Stefanie Boe to be some upcoming “resignations.”

The swamp is draining for the good of all teachers and students! A new era of accountability and transparency is hopefully beginning in TUSD.

Originally published at TSON News.