County supervisor in Arizona is WHITE and proud: Ally Miller is tired of all the attacks on white people!

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller has had enough of this country’s long legacy of oppressing white people.

Her response to yesterday’s tragic events at the white supremacy rally is that she is WHITE and proud of it and is not going to apologize to anyone!

While Ally, a popular guest on right-wing radio in Tucson, has every right to proclaim her WHITE pride even on the JT Harris show (to those who are not “colorblind” as conservatives claim to be, JT is what you would call an American of African descent), students of history would advise anyone who is ready to proclaim WHITE pride to first study the history of “whiteness” and who exactly is considered a white person in this country.

The concept of whiteness was created to unite the poor white folks who are being oppressed in this country against the black folks because hey, at least they aren’t black right? This allows a poor white person to feel they have more in common with someone like Donald Trump and the bankers that keep them down rather than their black neighbors down the street. In fact, their plight in life is exactly the fault of those poor black people… And the Mexicans… And the Muslims…

Originally published at TSON News.

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