Did HT Sanchez violate his termination contract last week which banned him from TUSD schools?

End of the termination contract signed by TUSD board president Michael Hicks and former superintendent HT Sanchez.

Part of former TUSD Superintendent HT Sanchez’s termination contract, which TUSD upheld by paying him $200,000, was that HT was supposed to go away and STAY away from TUSD. He appears to have violated his side of the contract and many are wondering when he will have to pay TUSD back the one-fifth of a million dollars that he should owe the district.

When HT Sanchez agreed to resign as TUSD Superintendent exactly 3 months ago on the last day of February, a termination contract was agreed upon by both TUSD and HT. It was signed and dated and above you can see that there is a severability clause.

Ever since then, board members have stated in radio interviews and even community forums that there is a non-disparagement clause which states that no TUSD board member can speak negatively regarding HT Sanchez and vice-versa. It appears TUSD is trying to uphold its end of the bargain.

Also part of that agreement was to pay $200,000 within ten days, which should have made for a helluva Spring Break for HT Sanchez who no longer has to work and yet gets paid what would take more than a decade for a substitute teacher in TUSD, now outsourced to ESI thanks to HT Sanchez.

Again, it appears that TUSD is upholding its end of the bargain.

There is another part of the agreement that many may not know about. Item 10 regards an “Immediate Exit.” To summarize it says that HT Sanchez must return all keys and property and records, etc. It also says:

In addition, Sanchez agrees not to return to his office, and/or any TUSD property or buildings, including 1010 E. Tenth Street… and agrees to refrain from any future communication with TUSD personnel.

There is an exception that is granted, but it must be granted by the Governing Board, and as far as we can recall no such exception was ever voted upon at any board meeting. Even if such an exception was granted, he must remain “in the company of TUSD security personnel.”

In other words, the contract is saying go the hell away and stay away, and only in extraordinary circumstances may you visit, but you must be with TUSD Security at all times.

TUSD security escort for Three Sonorans for not giving my home address during the public call to the audience.

I was reminded of when the Governing Board President Adelita Grijalva had me escorted out of a board meeting during my turn to speak at the call to the audience, all because I simply refused to state my address publicly.

TUSD security escorted me the entire time, all the way to the parking lot.

Surely, this is what is meant in this contract by being in the company of TUSD security personnel?

Or do rules never apply to HT Sanchez?

Surely he thought the Desegregation Order never applied to him…

Last week was high school graduation in TUSD

It was curious how HT Sanchez could be chosen to be the guest speaker at the University High School graduation without having “communication with TUSD personnel.” Someone at UHS must have been communicating with HT to plan out the graduation ceremonies.

Furthermore, now that HT lives in Texas, TUSD was once again picking up the tab for HT Sanchez to travel and stay in Tucson for this visit surrounded by TUSD personnel that should have been prohibited by his contract.

Perhaps UHS used Desegregation Funds to pay for HT Sanchez to visit?

Dr. Sanchez as the keynote speaker for UHS graduation. Get in the arena and fight!

Why would they want him to speak anyways? Under his tenure, he took UHS which was ranked #4 in the nation to being ranked #15 this past year. TUSD PR was so giddy to publicize the return of the disastrous man, posting photos of him all over their Facebook page.

One of their captions above was from Dr. Sanchez and to “get in the arena and fight!” This is all very ironic since he’s the man who just quit and left Tucson. The only thing he did fight was the Desegregation Order, whistleblowers, and of course, the Truth.

In order to allow HT Sanchez, who is banned from TUSD schools and property, to be the keynote speaker, University HS was the only high school to not have their graduation on their school property, but instead at the UA’s Centennial Hall.

So maybe he didn’t violate another term of his termination by not stepping foot on TUSD property with the UHS graduation, but then there was his visit to Mary Meredith which puts him in clear violation of his agreement.

HT Sanchez sets foot on TUSD property, not escorted by TUSD security at all times.

Now whether or not you think HT Sanchez is dangerous or not to be around minors and personnel without TUSD security escorting him is not the issue. The issue is that he accepted a whopping $200,000 and agreed to stay away!

Does this mean we can get our money back? He has clearly severed his contract several times.

However, TUSD’s love affair with HT Sanchez gets even more bizarre once you look the TUSD diplomas that were handed out this year…

TUSD diplomas are signed by HT Sanchez, not the current TUSD Superintendent Dr. Trujillo. (Named blurred to protect identity of student).

The TUSD diplomas include the signature of TUSD board president Michael Hicks, the Principal of the corresponding school, and Superintendent… HT Sanchez???

Are these diplomas even valid?

When will TUSD and HT Sanchez agree to the terms of their divorce? They are not supposed to have contact with each other. Sanchez is not the victim here since he agreed to it and took $200,000 to abide by it.

Yet for some reason, TUSD cannot let go nor can HT let go of his loyal women…

Four years later, only one “mere freshman” graduated and one flunked out and became a forest ranger.

This also comes during the week that we learned that a federal judge has denied the infamous motion for partial unitary status that Kristel Foster promised us all would be granted because of HT’s magic hand when working with racism and segregation in schools. Unfortunately, all we got from Sanchez was a school district more mired in debt and violations of federal court orders to desegregate TUSD.

Why Tucson Democrats are fighting desegregation in schools makes one wonder if they have returned to being the Dixiecrats that filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act and had their 1924 Democratic National Convention nicknamed “Klanbake.” Segregation in TUSD now, segregation in TUSD forever?

Originally published at TSON News.