Discipline problems and more retaliation by HT Sanchez at TUSD: Whistleblowers speak out

To: The Tucson Community- 26th Open Letter
 From: Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents and Growing with Each and Every Letter

Subject: Erupted Discipline Problems; More Retaliation; Falsely Hyping HT; and More!!!

Erupted Discipline Problems at Palo Verde, Pueblo, Secrist, Booth Fickett, Soleng Tom and Other TUSD Schools Finally Expose HT’s Dirty Hand in Undermining Students, Parents, Teachers and School Administrators and the Desegregation Court Order

It is all because Sanchez has sent a corrupted, sneaky and underhanded directive to site administrators, which is that they are NOT to discipline students for “low-level” incidences and they are to decrease the suspension days for students for higher level violations, and particularly, they are NOT to discipline Hispanic and African American kids, or, to at least lesson discipline for them. Sanchez’ messengers have whispered the new discipline directives from Sanchez, which also includes HT’s damnation of the desegregation court order. He blames everything on the Unitary Status Plan, the plaintiffs, the Special Master and Court. The problem with HT Sanchez’ underhanded and whispered directives is that the Special Master and Court know nothing of TUSD’s new unwritten but well-practiced corrupted discipline policies. All of this is being done in the name of fooling the Federal Court!!!!

TUSD’s devilish messengers include:

  • Abel Morado -Interim Deputy Superintendent,
  • Richard Foster, Interim Assistant Superintendent,
  • Eugene Butler -Assistant Superintendent,
  • Anna Gallegos -Assistant Superintendent, K-8 Leadership-
  • Kathy Scheppe, Maria Marin and Holly Hammel and Secondary Leadership- Herman House and Chuck McCollum.

These are all sinful soldiers in HT Sanchez’ Satin-based campaign to corrupt the discipline numbers in an effort to “get out from under the Court’s supervision.”

Any review of current discipline numbers, will falsely indicate that some of our schools look like they have improved in our suspension rates. On paper for some schools it looks like African American and Hispanic kids are not being suspended at the disproportionate rate that has been an ongoing problem for TUSD. But the truth is that behaviors are just being ignored to make the District look as though it has intervened on behaviors by training administrators and teachers on discipline strategies.

There has been NO intervention. Any training that has taken place has been sloppy and splotchy. There are schools which have barely had any training and others which have had NO training. There are more teachers who have NOT been trained than those who have been trained. (We do not count any “computer” discipline training as real training.)

Directing principals to ignore low level infractions and to minimize disciplinary action for minority students is dishonest and dangerous and it is not what the Court ordered. Sanchez is imposing a very self-serving type of bigotry. It is a layer that does not need to be added to the already existing biases that TUSD continues to support. We suspect that the plaintiffs, the Special Master and the Court would be furious if they knew the truth.

As site administrators, with great shame, most of us will admit that we have made every effort to comply with HT Sanchez’ under-the-table directives, for fear of otherwise being fired, but it is obvious that our schools have started to erupt, which we all knew would happen. We honestly thought that the Board majority would stop the madness since the safety of children is now at stake. The Board majority has ignored this problem just like they have ignored every problem that has been reported to them. They have remained mute on the issue. Now, we, as individual principals, are being blamed for following HT’s warped and whispered directives. We are the fall guys as each school begins to explode with discipline problems.


Finally! A principal spoke out about why discipline problems at his school could not be dealt with as the TUSD discipline guidelines outline. He informed the media about the administrative directives he had been given and the resulting chaos it has caused in managing his school. Within

Within hours after he spoke to the media about what was really happening at Booth Fickett, the principal was told to pack up his belongings and leave the campus. In this recent media exposure, Chuck Bermudez has become the voice of many principals and an advocate for his teachers, parents and his peers because he stood up and told the truth about what is happening to site administrators. Basically, their hands have been tied. The retaliation taken against Chuck Bermudez is further validation of what we have been reporting in our previous 25 letters. The links on the Booth/Fickett situation are a must see! Take a look at the sequence of events which led to Bermudez’ removal from his campus. Kathy Scheppe was sent out to attempt to do damage control, explaining to the media that there was no fear within TUSD. She, of course, has been drinking HT’s Kool-Aid and, she, herself is fearful of not following HT’s orders.

The retaliation taken against Chuck Bermudez is further validation of what we have been reporting in our previous 25 letters. The links on the Booth/Fickett situation are a must see! Take a look at the sequence of events which led to Bermudez’ removal from his campus. Kathy Scheppe was sent out to attempt to do damage control, explaining to the media that there was no fear within TUSD. She, of course, has been drinking HT’s Kool-Aid and, she, herself is fearful of not following HT’s orders.

Principals and assistant principals have basically been stripped of the authority to implement Board policy within their scope of authority as site administrators and they have been instructed to be deceitful in how they manage discipline. A decrease in discipline accounts at schools has not taken place based on innovative and consistent practices. Any decrease can be attributed to tactics that are nothing more than cheating and the head cheater is the Hallow Tyrant Sanchez himself.

For almost three years the schools have all gotten the HT message on discipline and while HT is artful at coding his instructions, he has made it clear that discipline numbers for black and brown kids have to drop, by whatever means. It is the same game, although more dangerous, he has played in basically suggesting that magnet schools should have parents change their children’s ethnic code from Hispanic to white. This year the message on discipline has been carried by any of a number of HT’s highest ranking soldiers. We have all been told to get our suspension numbers down so that the District can get out of the desegregation court order. It has nothing to do with changing the system or in keeping kids in school but only with getting rid of HT’s biggest and worst enemy- the desegregation court order.

If the numbers go down it will appear as though HT fixed the problem. HT has not only cheated in his effort to fool the Court, he has made the problem much, much worse. As site administrators, teachers and parents, of course we want our kids to stay in school and in their classrooms. We want to work in a safe environment and have our kids feel as though school is a safe haven. Our schools have become chaotic. Teachers have literally walked out of their schools in tears, not to return, due to the lack of support they are receiving in the classroom from central administration. In order to comply with HT’s corrupted mandates, site administrators are ignoring a great deal of the classroom disruption behaviors that many teachers are not equipped to deal with based on the unexplained change in policy and in the lack of training.

This situation MUST be investigated by an external source for numerous and very clear reasons, the most important of which is student safety. Kids and teachers do not feel safe. HT’s deceitful, dishonest, cheating, underhanded and despicable tactics have to be exposed to the community and to the Court. By ignoring the situation, the Board majority is condoning situation which has fostered school environments that are not safe. This letter, along with our previous letters, has put the TUSD Board majority on notice on a number of issues. Adelita Grijalva, Kristal Foster, and Cam Juarez have ignored each and every one of them. We just do not believe that can legally and ethically ignore an issue which has put a number of schools in a situation which has created safety hazards for both students and employees.

About Booth-Fickett:

About Secrist:

About Soleng Tom:

Time and Money is Spent by TUSD’s Communication Department in Hyping HT Sanchez

The National School Public Relations Association announced two dozen winners of the 2015–2016 Superintendents to Watch program and among the list was HT Sanchez. You see, Stefanie Boe, the head of the Communication Department, has taken on the role of HT Sanchez head cheerleader. She worked for hours on nominating HT for the recognition from the NSPRA. She busily searches every opportunity to elevate him for recognition, spending TUSD resources on hyping HT. Stefanie seems to be as infatuated with HT as Krystal Foster, which is an interesting phenomena given their like appearance.

Stefanie Boe’s department description states:

“We provide media support to Tucson Unified School District, including the following: District Web Presence (TUSD Web site and Intranet); Multimedia and Audio-visual’; Support for District and School Meetings, Presentations, and Performances; Photography; and Social Networking (Facebook, RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube)”

Nothing in the description says anything about the constant public relations work she does to promote HT. HT’s budget does not contribute to the work done on his behalf in fooling the local public and in falsely building his résumé for the work her department does to build his image up based on the propaganda she promotes on him.

Our schools need advertisement to increase enrollment but getting Stefanie Boe to support our schools is not her top priority. She is too busy promoting HT and nominating him for whatever recognition she can. It is beyond ironic and hypocritical the HT’s recent recognition acknowledges his work in communicating with TUSD employees and school communities. Stefanie Boe must not understand that communication should be honest and when it is dishonest, as is almost everything that comes out of her boss’ mouth, it is not worthy of positive acknowledgment.

We agree that HT Sanchez should be WATCHED, monitored, supervised, overseen, and otherwise carefully observed, but it should not result in promoting some dreamt up fantasy about what he has done.

HT’s Bootprint; HT’s Ongoing Retaliation; and Departures from TUSD

HT’s bootprint on TUSD, to this point, has been one of creating fear, retaliation and the exodus of many, many administrators, teachers and support staff. His bootprint has been one of stomping and bullying administrators, including his own friends who he brought in from Texas. His managerial style is one of dictator. He is threatened by anyone who may have a broader knowledge base than he does or who attempt to “check” him on his dishonesty. He habitually hires exceptionally inexperienced administrators (charms the women and becomes “buds” with the men). He believes young administrators will bend to his whims. (However, many are on to him and seek mentoring from those who have more experience. He does, however, have his principal puppets, such as “our friend” at Safford.) He tells administrators that he expects that they will do the “right thing”, which has nothing to do with integrity or ethics but is HT’s warped code for telling them that they must do what HE expects, such as having parents change their child’s ethnic code, or having site administrators drop the ball on discipline, or a number of other very dishonest actions.

His Board majority attempt to sell their presence and their bid for re-election as “stability” or continuity for TUSD. God help us! There is no stability and to continue with what is in place will soon destroy TUSD.

Recently Kristal Ann Foster was on the Buckmaster Show and she was asked why she was running for re-election. She succinctly and proudly said that is was for continuity; to continue to work with the Board leadership (Adelita Grijalva), Cam Juarez and to support HT. It is a nightmare platform.

We Wonder Why Jen Darland is NOT Running for the Board this Time Around. Hum?

Jen Darland, Kristal Foster’s good political ally and friend and the one person who she recruited to run in the last school board election, is not running this time around. Jen’s entrance into the race in 2014 was a ploy by Foster to obliterate Mike Hicks in his bid for re-election and to give her some leverage on the Board. But Jen actually did not hurt Hicks in the slightest and Foster remains without a morsel of leverage. (She is a “go-along” board member in the flesh! Lots of flesh.) She remains disgustingly subservient to both HT and Adelita. When either command that she “jump,” bad knee and all, she asks how high and then jolts up in the air like a mindless hopping bunny rabbit. Pathetic. Although there were numerous factors which caused Adelita Grijalva to go into a panic state during her last campaign, high on the list was the Darland factor. As you will recall, in our third letter, we took account of Adelita’s submarine plunge in votes from her more popular days.

We stated: “Adelita drew less votes this election than any other time she has run for the TUSD Governing Board, which indicates that several thousands who voted for her in the past did NOT vote for her this time around. This very fact rejects the “stability” theory that she is now touting about her re-election. In 2002 she received 46,221 votes/ 27.40% of the total. In 2006 she received the highest number of votes of the four times she has run: 64,130/37.50%. In 2010 she was elected with 55,512/29.48% and this year, 2014- she took in 34,347 votes/19.48%. From her highest votes in 2006- 64,130 until the election in November, she has dropped off 34,130 votes. She actually lost more votes from her peak in 2006 than she received in 2014. This is not stability. This means that she was not the top or second choice for many upon many of thousands of voters who previously voted for her. This is NOT reflection of stability. Had she and her dad not worked the hardest that they ever have on Adelita’s re-election and taken in more money than they ever have; she would have lost! They know this and so do we.”

Many within the Grijalva dual dad/daughter campaign were complaining mightily about the “Jen” factor and pointing to Kristel as the culprit for having Jen enter the race. Foster got wind of the concern and is still kissing A(delita) for it. Too damn bad Jen is hanging back this time. She actually seems fractionally more of an independent thinker than Foster or Juarez, who follows only the unholy gospel of HT and AG. It would have been nice to have watched Jen take Foster or Juarez out of the dysfunctional team at TUSD. Ideally both of them should lose their bids for re-election but it would only take getting rid of one of them to upset their comfy Board majority, which HT has become accustomed to and depends on for his survival.

Darland recently spoke during a Board meeting explaining what it is that she needs from the Board, as though they were elected to serve her. It was presumptuous and privileged behavior, at its peak. Her position was totally in agreement with TEA. We suppose that Adelita and HT called on TEA to show up on the issue of the night and that Kristal called on Darland to do the same thing. Our District has turned into a bunch of zombies spouting off whatever their life-lines direct.

HT Sanchez in the "love tunnel" at TUSD board meeting.

HT Sanchez in the “love tunnel” at TUSD board meeting.

NO More Love Tunnel

There were several principals appointed during the Board meeting of April 12, 2016 and we noticed the obvious omission of the love tunnel. Adrian Vega’s single contribution to TUSD seems to have been obliterated. Of course, HT has continued his own tradition of using every opportunity possible as a means to get in front of the camera and absorb all of the attention.

Do You Want More of the Same? Do You Want the Current Madness to Continue? NOT!

Please work to inform everyone you know about the upcoming TUSD Board election. Attend forums, ask hard questions, and contribute to those who will work to IMPROVE TUSD and not destroy it, as is currently taking place. Tell everyone you know about how ineffective and damaging Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez have been in serving TUSD students.
 We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and references them within their own posts from time to time.

All of our letters may be found at: http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/

Originally published at TSON News by Three Sonorans.

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