Gloria Copeland, Desegregation rep for black students in TUSD, obliterates Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster on radio (AUDIO)

Gloria Copeland is the representative for the Fisher Plaintiffs on the decades long TUSD Desegregation Case.

You never want to get on her bad side… ever.

Last week, while Chris DeSimone from WakeUp Tucson was interviewing new TUSD board member Rachael Sedgwick, the topic of white supremacy came up as friends of Kristel Foster continue to attempt to smear Sedgwick with that title.

Before moving on, we here at Three Sonorans have met Ms. Sedgwick multiple times, and she is NOT a white supremacist.

Also in agreement with this assessment is Gloria Copeland who represents the black students in TUSD. During the interview (which you can hear from SoundCloud above) she called into KVOI and let us know many things.

Gloria was uninterrupted by both Chris and Rachael, so Gloria just let the truth flow for over five minutes about TUSD with both Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster being special targets.

I have always tried to remind our readers that Kristel Foster keeps being the only board member to continue to vote not to fund MALDEF, the attorneys for the Latino students, again and again, all while voting to spend $5,000,000 of Desegregation Funds to FIGHT both MALDEF and Gloria Copeland.

Originally published at TSON News.