Hicks Leadership Proposal Envisions Fresh Start And Community Engagement Contact

TUSD Board President Michael Hicks, with input from District stakeholders, is proposing a blueprint for the Governing Board to engage the community in the tasks before it. Hicks offers the proposal as a foundation upon which to begin conversations around the District’s most pressing issues.

In his proposal, Hicks quotes Sen. Margaret Chase Smith: “Every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration. Constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought.”

Hicks is encouraging his fellow Board members, educators, and other stakeholders to offer constructive criticism of his proposal. Hicks considers the proposal a starting point. The document is intended to demonstrate that the District’s leadership is dedicated to developing clear and collaborative processes.

“Over time, the Board has heard from members of the public during the Call to the Audience, in emails, telephone calls, and at the school sites. When I go to the store I run into people, who want to share their advice or stories about our schools. Almost everyone has the same concerns. They want strong leaders in our schools and overseeing the district and they want safe classrooms. That is why I addressed those issues in this proposal.

They are in my opinion the issues the Board must address in the immediate future in a collaborative manner.”

“I want input. This is not a decree; it is a blueprint,” said Hicks.

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Originally published at TSON News.