HT vs Hicks: The final showdown at TUSD today and how Grijalva wins in the end

Three Sonorans has been following TUSD consistently since this blog was created in June 2010.

We were here before HT Sanchez, we were here when HT was forced upon us in the summer of 2013 as the only candidate we could decide between and were only given one week to make that “choice.” We will be here after HT Sanchez is gone.

The question is when that time will come; when will HT Sanchez leave TUSD?

The focus of this article will be to answer this question, which I can answer in a sentence and leave it at that, but this blog has also always been interested in the why. As a writer with an advanced degree in mathematics, we are also interested in PATTERNS, logic and consistency, and the ability to predict what will happen based on understanding the local machine.

Today we will learn exactly how the machine works, all the connections and networks, who has to answer to whom, and how much fear there is right now in the local machine in order to have them show all their cards at TUSD not just tonight, but over the last week.

This writer has supported and vehemently fought with every member of this school board. There was a time back in the MAS daze when even Adelita Grijalva would say a good word about Three Sonorans. In fact, the whole idea of starting this blog came from Kristel Foster back when we were the best of friends. We are the ones who spearheaded the recall of Michael Hicks, and you can search our site to find all the critiques of white supremacy and racism in TUSD.

Coincidentally, we were present at HT Sanchez’s first TUSD board meeting. The topic of my speech during the call to the audience was White Supremacy.

Now we have come full circle with the topic being addressed tonight by black preachers, not to chastise HT Sanchez for fighting Gloria Copeland and the black student Plantiffs on the Desegregation case, not to chastise HT for hiring a Phoenix law firm at a cost of $1 million per year to FIGHT the Deseg Order, they won’t be chastising Kristel Foster who consistently votes to not pay the legal fees for MALDEF who represents the Plaintiffs that represent over 60% of TUSD’s Latin@ population.

See: Is TUSD board member Kristel Foster mad at Mexican-Americans? Votes against MALDEF

What we have learned is that the black preachers and their affiliates such as the local NAACP, are not rallied to stop the party that has been found guilty at the Ninth Circuit, the same court stopping President Trump’s immigration policies and also Arizona’s own laws such as SB1070. They will not be here to tell TUSD to stop fighting the DOJ and the Latino and Black Plaintiffs.

Greetings All,
There will be a TUSD Board Meeting held at Duffy Elementary School, 5145 East 5th Street, on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. It is best to show up early. Members of the IMA Community Action Team, NAACP, and Tucson Urban League and the African American Community are upset with recent comments made by a TUSD Board member. “Tucson Unified School District governing board member Rachael Sedgwick has admitted she said “white supremacy rules” during a one-on-one meeting with a constituent. She spoke with Tucson News Now on Thursday, Feb. 16, and said she was sorry for the remarks.” We plan to show up in big numbers and make our voices heard! We will talk more about our game plan on Monday, February 20, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the Dunbar Pavilion, 325 W. 2nd Ave. For the sake of our children, we’ll not be silent! Please pass the word and show up!
Rev. Amos L. Lewis
 Senior Pastor
 Rising Star MBC
 2800 E. 36th Street
 Tucson, AZ 85713
 (520) 791–3068 — Church
 (520) 546–1205 — Home
 Moving Forward With the 20/20 Vision!

Instead they will be here to defend the very institution that perpetuates segregation, inequality and White Supremacy in Tucson. They will be here to defend the leader who keeps this “continuity” in segregation going. They will instead focus on a social media quote and attack a board member while saying nothing about HT Sanchez, who knows the district is so bad that he sends his school to the richest white school in TUSD with an address on Cloud Drive.

Meanwhile, under HT’s rule, magnet schools were neglected to the point that 6 schools are losing their magnet status. This won’t affect HT Sanchez who lives in the furthest northeastern and whitest part of TUSD. HT chose the part of his segregated district that will benefit his family the most. The federal court chastised TUSD and told them to stop with this nonsense, such as the one conducted by Casa Maria and the whole Grijalvista crew at the Casino Ballroom.

At this point we now learn what is REALLY going on with the HT situation

Congressman Raul Grijalva is the most powerful Democrat in Tucson. He has politicians in all three of Tucson’s largest governments; the county, the city, and TUSD. With TUSD it is even more personal as it is his daughter Adelita who is on the school board and who put all her chips in on HT Sanchez.

Grijalva is rallying all the troops and minions to save his daughter’s ass. The organizers of the rallies today at Duffy are Grijalva’s congressional aides. Democrats who never show up at TUSD are all be forced to come out. Even black preachers, such as the ambitious Dr. DaMond Holt who is at the church down the street from Utterback that has taken the biggest hit from HT’s neglect, who is now being used as a black pawn in order to defend King Sanchez and Queen Adelita, even if they are on the other side of the board with the white people who have the money.

To understand how ridiculous this all is, just keep in mind that Adelita put all her chips on HT, agreeing with his demand that he be the only finalist for superintendent when Pedicone resigned. Adelita doubled-down and extended HT’s contract early, and just last year HT Sanchez received $499,700 in base pay and bonuses. This July, HT will get an automatic $10,000 raise in addition to over $35,000 in possible performance pay.

Now also keep in mind that HT Sanchez kept telling people that if either Kristel or Cam, his rubber-stampers, lost the election last year then he is out! Well, Cam Juarez lost bigly, and HT wants out. Why wouldn’t he? His bosses are now Michael Hicks, Mark Stegeman and Rachael Sedgwick. They are holding him accountable and he wants out.

Last Friday, the day before being carjacked in front of his house, Mayor Rothschild was on the Buckmaster Show and defended HT Sanchez, saying that to buy out his contract would cost $700,000. Indeed, HT’s contract allows TUSD to let him go at anytime, and if they do so without cause, they just have to buy him out for what remains on his contract.

Now think logically about this. HT Sanchez has already said that he will not renew his contract when it ends next year. So all the arguments about continuity are moot; does this mean that all of Tucson will collapse because HT Sanchez is that needed by us?

But think even more about this. HT Sanchez said he wants to leave because Cam is gone, and now he has a chance to retire early and not have to wake up every day and deal with Sedgwick and HT’s own lies and disasters, a chance to leave his rental home (he never bought a home in Tucson) and move out to his house in Los Angeles with a whopping $700,000.

Are you serious? Of course this is what HT Sanchez wants! This next 15 months is going to be Hell for HT Sanchez, and yet he has a chance to leave now and take $700,000 with him?

So last week, HT Sanchez calls a meeting with Mark Stegeman to meet with him and his attorney. Yes, let’s be honest here; HT wants to leave and take the $700,000 and never have to worry about TUSD again.

That’s what HT Sanchez wants, but that’s not what Adelita Grijalva wants. She freaks out. She tells HT no, that he cannot show up to this meeting that he called. HT never contacts Stegeman to tell him that he will not show up, or to cancel the meeting.

Instead Adelita, dressed up as the Grim Reaper, and Kristel Foster ambush Stegeman as he shows up to this meeting, where HT Sanchez is absent but KOLD cameras are rolling. Adelita and Kristel showed up to form a quorum, since three board members are present, which is illegal. The meeting was thus canceled.

Just for this HT Sanchez should be fired; he broke his word with Stegeman and allowed this political ambush that violated Open Meetings Law to take place.

But this action also shows all the cards that Grijalva is holding. Even if HT Sanchez wants to leave, she will not allow him to!

This is all about her, not about HT Sanchez. All the Democrats are being rallied tonight to save Adelita Grijalva. Her father is making sure that everyone gets their marching orders and OBEYS.

So this brings us to tonight. What is going to happen?

An ironic thing happened. A grad student at the UA, Jamie Utt, met with Rachael Sedgwick and kept chastising her for working with “white supremacists” such as Mark Stegeman and Michael Hicks. Any work that she does with them is supporting white supremacy. He kept saying white supremacy and frustrated, Rachael facetiously said “white supremacy rules.”

It might have been a dumb thing to say, but she is right. I think Trump’s whole cabinet is white supremacist. I think the Arizona state legislature is run by white supremacists. It is true that White Supremacy Rules this state and this nation.

That was what I warned HT Sanchez at his very first meeting. White supremacy rules, and you have to thus learn to deal with it. In fact, white supremacy does run the segregated district of TUSD. White supremacy is what makes HT Sanchez choose to live with the richer white folks instead of with the poorer brown kids on the opposite side of town, next to his sycophants from Casa Maria.

The irony is that it is actually the Democrats who have wining and dining Hicks this past few weeks. Lunch with the mayor, meetings with all the bigwigs in town. Will this grad student call out these Democrats for working with a white supremacist? No, it is only Rachael that can be condemned, because this is not about justice but about political machinery.

The local machine wants HT to stay because Adelita won’t let him leave. Hicks has promised multiple times up until now that he can’t wait to fire HT Sanchez.

But then Hicks became compromised. He works for Sunlink now, something that the city pays for, and Hicks has made no secret that he wants to run for Ward 4 in 2019. Democrats are actually fooling him, lying to him, promising their support if he keeps HT, and it appears Hicks is falling for it. Can you imagine what Jamie Utt would say if in two years all the Democrats started endorsing Hicks? Yet he is quiet on what they are promising him now. Democrats are making deals with the white supremacist.

In addition to compromising with so-called white supremacy, they are sending out the black community to defend the white supremacist institution known as TUSD. They won’t focus on Hicks, they won’t focus on HT or TUSD or its segregation or civil rights violations, all documented. What they will all focus on is Rachael Sedgwick, the woman who had a black female lesbian math teacher and Black Lives Matter activist and all around bad ass swear her in during her first board meeting.

Reality doesn’t matter. What matters is the local machine. Once you understand that it all makes sense. I was racking my brains recently wondering why so many smart liberal people were defending the wrong side of history, the side fighting desegregation orders like the old Dixiecrats. Then once I realized that when even HT Sanchez wants to leave ASAP, and after Adelita pulled her stunt last week with TV cameras present, it all made sense.

So what will happen tonight?

Make no mistake, this is the defining point in both Hicks and HT’s career.

Hicks will ruin his political career forever by voting to not fire HT tonight. Hicks will join HT’s majority of Kristel and Adelita Grijalva to keep HT around. The vote to fire HT will be 2–3. HT will be here to stay, much to his own disappointment. Early retirement with $700,000 was so close

There is one good thing about all this. HT Sanchez staying means that he has to do the impossible and that is to keep his word. HT staying means that we get to have more evidence that Democrats will defend power over justice and students, and it still won’t matter for them.

HT promised to leave not one penny left in Prop 301 monies this year. The last board agenda had 5 pages of teachers resigning early, paying a $2,000 penalty to leave because that is how bad TUSD is. Over 1,100 teacher have left under HT to the point that now TUSD depends on subs. Last year HT decided to outsource substitute teacher labor to a private company in Phoenix at a cost of over $20 million. In exchange Kristel and Cam got a whopping $5000 kickback donation from the wife of the vice-president of this company. They got caught and Kristel returned the money. Cam promised he would, but broke his promised, and he still hasn’t filed his campaign finance reports required by law, even though they were due 4 months ago.

These are just some of the financial shenanigans that HT has orchestrated that affects teachers. The Plaintiffs for the Desegregation case say that HT Sanchez is the worst superintendent ever in terms of fighting federal court orders. Yet to help save HT Sanchez even Richard Fimbres got his LULAC crew to give him an award this year. The biggest enemy of MALDEF and desegregation being honored by LULAC…

All of this will make no sense until you understand that it is all about the machine. Once you view local actions by our leaders from this lens it will all make sense. You can predict what they will say and do.

To have a crack in TUSD means the machine may start to fall apart. Their power over Pima County is just 3 out of 5 now. They still have 7 out of 7 in the city, and there is zero chance that Hicks will ever be a part of it as long as city-wide elections in the general take place, and especially after he votes to save HT Sanchez today, pissing off his entire constituency.

If you want plenty of reasons why HT should be gone, just look at the most recent articles posted on Three Sonorans lately, and follow our comments on Facebook and Twitter as we post from other sources also.

But as a mathematician, I’d say HT Sanchez has a 80% chance of staying. Hicks will be his Savior, yes, the white supremacist. Casa Maria and their white leader Brian Flagg’s prayers to save HT Sanchez will be answered by Michael Hicks. Democrats will cheer. They are allowed to compromise with the so-called white supremacist but Rachael cannot; that’s the rules that white liberals make for their political convenience. There is a small chance that Hicks regains his testicular fortitude before the meeting tonight, and I hope he does, but the lies of the Democrats making promises they will never keep to you are still tempting to the board president with political ambitions.

Hicks may ruin his political career forever tonight. HT will keep the job he wants to leave. Adelita wins in the end. TUSD loses.


Originally published at TSON News.