Kristel & Cam vote for $21 million contract to outsource TUSD subs; get unprecedented campaign contributions following month

Three Sonorans was a guest on the JT Harris Show last Thursday, and “the beautiful man” James gets the credit for being the first media source to break this story.

JT Harris Show breaks news on “pay-to-play” scheme in TUSD board race (VIDEO)

After the interview, we wrote up a teaser for what our preliminary research had found.

Quid pro quo: Are Kristel and Cam receiving “pay to play” donations in their TUSD race?


Both left-wing and right-wing can see the corruption taking place in TUSD. JT Harris and Three Sonorans.

The Arizona Daily Independent has also been reporting on the most recent developments in this story.

The JT Harris Show is in the same building that KGUN9 is in, and after the show they let us know that they were listening and very interested in this story, so we let the credentialed journalistic team at KGUN take over and apply their powerful research team to dig deeper… and they dug even further than we thought this story went!

They uncovered a blatant quid pro quo; TUSD board members Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez approved a contract for a whopping $21 million to outsource (bad) substitute teachers to a Phoenix (even worse) firm that now profits off this privatization of the teachers in TUSD classroom.

They also approved this contract with zero discussion despite Michael Hicks wanting to raise questions. We covered this story back in July.

TUSD board president Adelita Grijalva is good at silencing both the board and the public.

Then, after this no-discussion vote to approve this $21 million contract, the following month they get an unprecedented $10K campaign contribution in the local TUSD race… from a Republican “housewife” in Paradise Valley. It turns out that she is the wife of the Vice President of ESI.

To make matters worse, substitute teachers have been showing up and EVERY board meeting to complain to the TUSD board that they are now getting paid less through ESI; they went from $100/day to $92/day.

Some of these substitute teachers become the long-term sub that is in many TUSD classrooms due to teacher vacancies.


Thus we have students in TUSD that spend the entire year being taught be someone who is not a teacher (TUSD’s own description) and who is not a TUSD employee.

And TUSD is paying $21 million for this huge change for worse?

While the Democrats who run the TUSD board ignore the substitute teachers, they have no problem giving ESI more, and now we know why.

Especially in Cam Juarez’s case, he only raised a measly $1300 in the last cycle, so this contribution from the wife of an ESI executive made up nearly 80% of his total donations!

TUSD board candidate Betts Putnam-Hidalgo responds to this news

The KGUN9 shocking exposé is below

With the election for school board members only eight weeks away, KGUN9 has learned of questionable donations to two Tucson Unified School Board members — Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez.
The donations total ten-thousand dollars and are being questioned by Michael Hicks, another school board members and an official in the Arizona Secretary of State’s office is calling the donations questionable. The donations are from the wife of an executive whose company was awarded a 21-million dollar contract by TUSD two months earlier.

Source: Questionable campaign donations to two TUSD board members.

Originally published at TSON News.