MAS=KKK: John Huppenthal and his racist blog comments, Day 2 of MAS Trial — 6/27/2017

The first day of trial ended with John Huppenthal, the second day was nothing but the former State Superintendent who banned MAS courses, and the third day will begin with the man who promised to “Stop La Raza” while running for State Supe.

John Huppenthal

Today began with the Plaintiffs (MAS side) asking tough question after question of Huppenthal, the Defendants (Arizona) constantly objecting, the judge constantly overruling the objection, and finally Johnny Boy answering “uh… uh… I don’t recollect… I can’t recall…”

The day ended with the State’s cross-examination ending, with the MAS attorneys beginning the day tomorrow to question Huppenthal some more. Also up tomorrow will be the former MAS Director Sean Arce.

What was said today was unbelievable.

I need to check the transcripts when they come out since no video or audio will exist, but I’m pretty sure Huppenthal said that his “war with MAS is eternal.”

The sad thing is that this is not by far the most inflammatory thing he would have said today. I include below posts from social media from female scholars in attendance who captured today’s testimony in equal awe and disbelief.

Huppenthal’s testimony continued with the plaintiff attorneys sharing the following blog posts made by our former superintendent of instruction WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE:

“Yes, MAS = KKK in a different color”
 “No books whatsoever were banned. MAS skinheads can’t run classrooms”
 “The books aren’t the problem, the infected teachers are the problem”
 “MAS classes use the same technique Hitler used in rise to power. In Hitler’s case it was Sudetenldand, in MAS it was Aztlan”
 “They’re having an orgasm that their book was banned — now maybe a student will read it.”

Attorney: On June 25, 2014 you held a press conference and apologized for these blogs. You were in tears…
 Hupp: I don’t know if “apology” is the right description
 Attorney: Did you believe there was nothing to apologize for?
 Hupp: I don’t apologize for any of it
 Attorney: So you’re withdrawing your apology? In fact you haven’t stopped blogging have you…you blogged a week and a half ago:
 “This has to qualify as one of the most meaningless trials in history…For conservatives, this trial is a no lose situation. Even if we lose the trial, we will have a permanent example of why liberals can’t be trusted to run so much as a lemonade stand. “

In cross examination the state painted Huppenthal as growing up on the south side loving his Mexican friends — the level of coded language and deficit thinking was painful to listen to — as was the fact that Huppenthal is currently teaching elementary children (“at risk kids”) math in Phoenix.

Huppenthal: I never intended to terminate the Mexican-American studies program.
 Attorney: but you knew the removal of 10% of state funds would be the death nail of the program correct?
 Huppenthal: Absolutely not
 Attorney: let’s watch this clip from your deposition video
 Huppenthal (in vídeo): I realized it brought a crushing force in to play by eliminating 10% funding — they would have no choice but to terminate the program


Had to leave the trial two hours early. Huppenthal was still being cross examined. Falcon 9 blog posts presented, very mean spirited from 2011 to 2015. A statement, “Books are not the problem, infected teachers are,” despite all his testimony about the books and resources and Che Guevara poster. He seems not to have inquired how that poster was used. Denied his tearful apology on video, says he was worn out trying to handle the Common Core issue.

Under cross he is now portrayed as a saint. I was nearly blinded by the glow from his halo. Says he is fully funding a School for Homelees Children for about 3k a year. Sounds doubtful to me. He is also teaching at-risk African-American kids in elementary in south Phoenix, using a software program he persuaded someone else to develop. Claims that 5 kids have now reached scores of 50,000 correct answers each. Didn’t say out of how many, or any other details. Sounds sketchy to a teacher who knows software is not the answer to math student achievement.

Claims while he was Supt. that 8th grade African American students had the best math scores in the country. Does anyone else believe that statement based on facts from state records?

Also, didn’t attack or investigate African American Studies, Native American Studies, or Pan-Asian Studies. “Nobody complained about them.”

Originally published at TSON News.

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