Meet the new TUSD board member Rachael Sedgwick this Saturday

One of the top questions I am asked about TUSD after the elections is “Who is Rachael Sedgwick?”

Follow-up questions include:

  • Will she fire HT Sanchez or keep him around despite his past record?
  • Which side of the board-split will she join?
  • Who will she vote for to be the next board president?

And so on…

Well, now YOU have a chance to meet HER this weekend as she reaches out to the public this Saturday near the UA. So far my understanding is that Rachael will not vote to fire Sanchez in January, she will not take any sides on the board majority/minority… and I don’t know who she will vote for to be the next board President. She is either going to keep Adelita in power just as she is keeping the disastrous HT Sanchez in power, or she will have to vote for either Michael Hicks or Mark Stegeman. Which one will she vote for? My guess is that it is a split between Adelita and Hicks, with Hicks have a slightly higher chance of getting her vote.

Or heck, they may just vote for Rachael to take over the board!

Sit and chat with Rachael Sedgwick

Come and meet me, share your experiences, or ask questions. There will be one every weekend, starting 12/10 (not including 12/24 or 12/25) and continuing through January. (Meeting locations will vary.) I look forward to meeting you all!
Saturday, noon-1pm at Starbucks on University east of Euclid.

Originally published at TSON News.

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