Michael Hicks provides evidence of grade tampering at Pueblo HS to ADE

Subject: Allegations of grade tampering

Ms. Winder and Ms. O’Brien,

I was directed by the Arizona Attorneys Office to contact you regarding this complaint.

I’m a member on the Tucson Unified School District 1 Governing Board and in my capacity as one school board member, I’m requesting that the Arizona Department of Education authorities investigate the allegations of grade tampering at one of our high schools. The highly qualified teacher, who prior to becoming a contract teacher was a full time teacher for the District and was employed by the District at Pueblo High School for over 30 years before retiring, she has came forward with these complaints.

Please see a local news investigation on the grade tampering at Pueblo High school: http://www.kgun9.com/news/investigations/pueblo-teacher-comes-forward-on-grade-changing

Thank you for your consideration action in this matter

Michael Hicks
 TUSD1 Governing Board member

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Originally published at TSON News.