President Hart may remain at UA for life as tenured Education Professor

By now we all know about UA President Ann Weaver Hart’s decision to stick with DeVry despite both the FTC and Education Department going after the for-profit private college.

Federal Trade Commission alleges the for-profit university misled students about their employment and income prospects, and Education Department seeks to stop DeVry from making deceptive advertisements.
Source: Inside Higher Ed.

This led to many calling for her resignation and with the local newspapers saying she must choose which school to lead, or just flat-out resign immediately.

President Hart’s involvement with a for-profit university, especially one being sued for alleged dubious practices, does not further the fight for our universities. As a University of Arizona graduate and retired professor and in my role as an Arizona representative, I ask her to make a choice: either resign her position on the DeVry University Board or step down as president of the University of Arizona.
Source: Arizona Daily Star.

It appears Hart chose DeVry over the UA and is stepping down as President (in two years)… however she will be remaining indefinitely at the UA as a tenured Professor in the UA’s Education Department, the same department that she tried to get to give Bill Cosby an honorary doctorate last Spring, a news story that the Threw Sonorans here at TSON News broke first.

Bill Cosby was the University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart’s top choice to be the UA commencement speaker in 2015. Cosby would also have received an honorary doctorate from the UA.
Source: TSON News.

Which decision was worse; DeVry or a Doctorate for the Drugging Dr. Cosby?

The Arizona Board of Regents, which just gave Hart a raise to just $500 short of $666K per year is now saying that they strongly support her decision to step down (in two years).

For those who are fans of Hart, no need to fear since as a tenured Professor at the UA, Dr. Hart will be unable to be fired and will have a job for life, joining colleagues such as Dr. John Pedicone and Dr. Maggie Schaffer, leaders of TUSD during the banning of Mexican American Studies debacle, in finding a welcoming home in the UA College of Education.

After all, SALC takes care of their own, and even TUSD board member and SALColyte Kristel Foster has been able to teach in the UA’s Education Department and will no doubt get support from the establishment that she used to fight as an activist but who she is now loyal to.

Originally published at TSON News by Three Sonorans.