Principal Auggie Romero attacks math teachers at Pueblo HS: Emails about grade inflation to HT released

“Dr. Romero has become so desperate to help his reputation that he encourages grade inflation. Teachers who chose not to go along with grade inflation are being looked down upon with this passive aggressive behavior, which means teachers get the “bad” classes and people that grade inflate get to chose their classes. Instead of encouraging students to rise and work up to their potential he wants the bars lowered. Arizona is already so behind in education that lowering the bar is a disservice to the students. It’s quite disgusting to see this happen. Dr. Romero claims that he is here for the kids but in reality he is not. There have been teachers who have been here for decades who know how to teach resiliency and hope to students however he is undermining them all. The students who have recently won awards at Pueblo are great students but they are honestly the type who would thrive in any environment and have already learned to preserver. (our Gates Millennium scholar and our Jr. scholar). He did not create this environment to excel for the students.”

-Excerpt. Entire exchange is below.

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Originally published at TSON News.

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