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Steve Reiss, an attorney for the plaintiffs, argued the law was created specifically to target TUSD’s MAS program, saying an education department staffer under Horne worked with legislators to craft the language.
Steven Reiss aka “Esteban Ruiz” presented the closing arguments for the MAS Plaintiffs.
He also said the law was not needed in the first place if the motive was to eliminate some problematic class material, because an existing law would have done that.
Reiss also pointed out that the department disregarded an independent audit it commissioned and paid for $110,000 for, while issuing its own findings based on a questionable investigation.
The plaintiffs pointed to comments Huppenthal made online, including referring to MAS as “KKK in a different color” and calling for the elimination of Spanish billboards, television or newspapers, as proving “raw, unadulterated” racist intent.

via Arizona Daily Star.

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Originally published at TSON News.

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