The only TUSD candidate that is a member of SALC, Kristel Foster, said she would have also voted to kill MAS

Kristel pays to be a member of SALC, and you can see her picture just below the co-chair of Brett Rustand’s campaign, and below Don Diamond.

There is only one candidate running for the TUSD school board that is a member of the club for elites, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC), and that is Kristel Foster.

Another member of SALC, Bruce Dusenberry, is the campaign co-chair for the only Republican running for TUSD this year, Brett Rustand, and he also gave a sizable donation to Kristel Foster which she gladly accepted.

Of course, it pales in comparison to the whopping $5,000 kickback that Foster received from the Vice-President of a company that just got a no-discussion $21 million contract from Kristel Foster that privatizes the substitute teachers in TUSD.

This contribution came a from a rich Republican family from Paradise Valley in northern Phoenix and Kristel happily accepted the money (as did Cam Juarez). Apparently, the privatization of schools and their subs is big with Democrat Kristel Foster (and Cam Juarez and Adelita Grijalva who also voted to privatize substitute teachers) this year.

The only TUSD candidate who is a member of SALC, Kristel Foster, also admitted that she would have also voted to put Money before Mexicans by supporting the vote that eliminated MAS in TUSD. In the video below she not only defends her decision but doubles down, and Cam Juarez accepts it and still supports her, as does the entire Democratic Machine in Pima County.

These are just the verifiable facts. You can all decide whether to believe the lies that politicians tell, and thus be part of the problem too.

Originally published at Three Sonorans.

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