TUSD: Hicks President, Stegeman Clerk, Mean Girls antics continue with. new board minority

The first TUSD boarding meeting of 2017 took place last night; change is coming with regard to leadership and yet some antics with board dynamics never change.

The new 2–3 split on the board.

On the 5th anniversary of the banning of Mexican American Studies on January 10th, 2012, and after using immigrant students as a prop to swear her in, re-elected board member Kristel Foster nominated Michael Hicks to be President of the Board. This item passed 5–0.

Meanwhile, since the last board meeting, 6 magnet schools were demagnetized after the Democratic-led board of the past 4 years continued to ignore the needs of west- and south-side schools that many of those immigrants may attend. The Desegregation Order has also been fought ferociously, with Foster voting to spend $5 million for a Phoenix lawfirm to fight desegregation, all while voting no for the $50,000 legal fees for MALDEF who represent Latina students.

Foster’s body language spoke volumes as she mostly kept her back to the new board President.

Mark Stegeman is the new Board Clerk after a 3–2 vote, with Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster saying they will vote no because basically Stegeman is a failure who violates the law (see video above). Michael Hicks and new board member Rachael Sedgwick voted for Stegeman.
 Mark Stegeman received the most votes in this most recent election. Former board member Cam Juarez did not attend last night, nor has he filed his campaign finance reports as required by law.

During the call to the audience, not one speaker spoke in favor or in defense of Superintendent HT Sanchez. The majority chastised him for not even having the courtesy to look up while speakers spoke, instead hunched over in a weak position as he knows this will probably be his last month as leader of Tucson’s largest school district.

This first special meeting was mostly procedural in order to get the year started. There will a regular meeting later this month where the cancellation of Sanchez’s contract may be voted on.

Originally published at TSON News.

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