VIDEO: HT Hoarding of Prop 301 money skyrockets in comparison to all other districts

Recently we asked our audience if they would be interested in a video podcast that helps explain complicated issues such as Prop 301 and TUSD. We received a positive response so above is our first video explaining how TUSD is hoarding nearly $20 million that it could be spending on teachers, but instead saving up so that it can look good as they go broke.

We have now made a shorter, under 5 minute video, that gets to the heart of the problem above.

For the original video that leads up to the conclusion above, using as many references as possible, you can find that here.

Some readers have demanded a comparison of TUSD with this or that, so we have done that now. Below you have TUSD compared with Mesa, the largest school district in Arizona, and with all the local school districts. The comparison is also done by percentage of Prop 301 given annually.

What you have in the graph is how much Prop 301 money is unused as a percentage of how much Prop 301 money that district receives annually. Ideally this number should be as close to zero as possible, since that means that the district is giving the money to the teachers as it should.

TUSD has 107% of Prop 301 money UNSPENT!

TUSD has 107% of Prop 301 money UNSPENT!

Yet look at TUSD’s numbers as they continue to skyrocket under HT Sanchez. TUSD now has more money in reserve than it even gets per year!

What if the state legislature cut off TUSD’s Prop 301 money for a year? The local Democrats would be in an uproar! And yet this is effectively what HT Sanchez is doing… TUSD gets $18 million next year and yet nearly $20 million is unspent.

This was one of the justifications for passing Prop 123. We now know that HT Sanchez only spent 26% of that money on teachers while Sunnyside spent 100% of its 123 money on raises. So basically Hoarding HT is acting like all this money is his own, refusing to spend it on his teachers, but has no problem getting a $499K annual package while his board majority stay in fancy hotels at conferences in Boston.

We also try to explore some options as to WHY TUSD is doing this. It is the teachers that suffer in the end, and recently TUSD tried to appease the teachers’ union with a small raise, but if only all the teachers knew home much more they could be getting.

Perhaps Hoarding HT Sanchez is out of control, but why would the three “liberal” Democrats on the TUSD board keep rubber-stamping this injustice? And why is the TEA partners with Hoarding HT as teachers suffer?

A PDF of the video presentation is below.

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Originally published at TSON News.

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