Vote NO on Prop 123: Kristel Foster cannot defend it rationally during radio interview (VIDEO)

TUSD board member Kristel Foster was recently a guest on the State of Education on KVOI with host Robin Hillar.

While she is running for re-election, a huge portion of the interview became devoted to Proposition 123, Doug Ducey’s plan give schools less money than even the Supreme Court has ruled they deserve. Even though top elected Democrats, the Pima Democrats and the League of Women Voters have come out opposed to this scam, Kristel Foster is still supporting it. HT Sanchez is here short-term, and thus he needs that money now even if it steals from our kids’ future, so Foster must stand by her man.

The Prop 123 discussion starts at the 6:56 mark in the video above where you can hear Foster’s support of Prop 123 being very similar to her justification that she would have also voted to kill Mexican American Studies, despite being “pro-MAS,” if she was on the board when that vote was taken.

It’s all about the money… now!

You can’t do both

Earlier in the interview Kristel Foster perfectly describes her own self as a walking contradiction.

She describes how she comes from an activist background, someone on the street with signs and “it’s really easy to say what we should do, what we should do, what we should do, but then when you get into a position of authority then you are expected to do something, right, and you can’t do both.”

This 34 second excerpt is below.

Thus, early on in the interview, Kristel Foster has already admitted that she is living in a contradiction and she knows it. She knows what is right, but now that she is in power she cannot do what is right. She has become what she used to fight against as an activist.

Returning to the Prop 123 issue, after Kristel weakly expresses her support for it, saying it’s all about the money, a slew of calls comes in from listeners challenging her in a very intelligent and thought-out manner.

Kristel Kills with Kindness

In her responses to the callers, we learn why Kristel has become the darling of the local Democratic party, even winning over Diana Rhodes as her campaign manager; Kristel believes one thing, but will always vote against her convictions for the money.

Kristel is our local Hillary.

What do I mean by this? If you listen to the callers, and you should in the top video because they make the case as to why you should vote NO on Prop 123, Kristel never provides a meaningful response.

What she does respond with is thank you so much, I really respect your opinion and what you do. Kristel kills with kindness, and in her soft-voice that sounds as if she is really torn and empathetic, she remains solid in her vote against you.

Three Sonorans actually first met Kristel Foster at an MAS rally, and we were heart-broken when she said she would have also voted to kill MAS. She admits her selling-out so softly, but never waivers in her stance that as a person in power, she will always vote for money and power, not justice or what is right.

You can also hear in the video above her conflict with Desegregation, and we have videos of her when the current Deseg Order was being crafted by the community, and how as an elected board member she would want something strong that she can use to fight for justice, but now once in power she admits her contention with the plaintiffs and firmly backs the same institution that is the guilty party; guilty of segregation.

But Foster loves Latinos and speaks Spanish and has a Latin American Studies degree… so she’s on your side as a person but against you as an actual person in power.

If anyone needs a reason to vote against Prop 123 today, just listen to this interview, listen to the challenges posed by the callers, and Kristel’s inability to defend her stance, which is also a good reason to vote No for Foster for TUSD.

We prefer the old Kristel, the activist who we met on the streets who was on our side, not on the side of power as a leader of a segregated school district.

Originally published at TSON News by Three Sonorans.

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