When civility forums turn uncivil: Tucson event was a joke as speaker John C. Scott angrily lashes out (VIDEO)

On Monday night, at the Temple Emanu-el, citizens of Tucson were treated to somewhat of a joke in the name of civility. Tucson, as you may already know, is home to the Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding that was created after the Gabby Giffords shooting, and the National Institute for Civility. Some people, including Sheriff Dupnik, blamed conservative radio for the Tucson Tragedy. Anything dealing with “civility” since the incident is usually code for white liberal Democrats trying to pull a fast one over on us.

To not bury the lede here before I rant, liberal talk-show host John C. Scott, who was one of the speakers that Steve Kozachik chose to be a leader at this civility forum, unleashed an angry tirade, saying how mad he is at America, how Donald Trump is a racist and an anti-Semite, and how he doesn’t believe in being civil right now. This was all said as he yelled from the stage at a forum on civility, and you can see that video excerpt below.

The entire unedited raw video of the whole forum can be found here.

I won’t go into the deep history of “civility” with TUSD here, but if you search for “Ben’s Bells” on this website you can read about how this same group of Democratic leaders, such as Ron Barber and the executive director of the YWCA, would use “civility” to cover up increasing racial tensions. In that case, the issue was the banning of Mexican American Studies, the banning of books, and beat-down of activists ordered by then TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone, and the solution that these Democratic leaders came up with was to put Ben’s Bells “Be Nice” murals all over TUSD.

The month after banning MAS and books in TUSD, John Pedicone was awarded a “Ben’s Bell” which has turned into the local liberal elite’s version of a Nobel Peace Prize in Tucson. They wanted us to be “civil” as they attacked our community and never looked in the mirror and saw what they, as people in power, were doing.

When civility institute leader Ron Barber was elected to take over Giffords’ Congress seat, on the very first day he voted against all the other Democrats nationwide to approve drones to be used against immigrants in Southern Arizona. But that was “civil” since it was done while wearing a tie I guess.

Earlier this election season the Democrats at TUSD had me escorted out, with use of security, of a public board meeting simply because I would not state my address before I spoke during the call-to-the-audience. The board quickly changed this policy after a public uproar, but after this event Ron Barber hosted a fundraiser at his house for these Democratic leaders of TUSD, even after they got caught taking kickback donations from a $21 million contract they just approved to OUTSOURCE substitute teachers to a private PHOENIX firm, all so they could avoid paying these teachers evil Obamacare. Civility is not supposed to make sense, neither is consistency with Democratic values amongst Democrats who violate basic principles in Tucson.

Now let’s talk about the current moment and the attempt to unite now that the election is over. That was the purpose of this event.

Many are willing to play along, including myself, with these Democratic-led attempts at coming together. In fact, just months before this forum you had the extreme left (me) coming together with the extreme right (conservative radio and blogs) and working together on issues that we had common ground on, in particular TUSD. We were already doing this long before any “civility” Democrats had to have a forum to show us how.

So we are all playing along. Let’s be civil. That is the rule tonight.

And then liberal talk-show host John C. Scott talks and basically says to hell with civility. He yells while he speaks and he says how mad he is, how Donald Trump is a racist and anti-Semite, and Americans are stupid, and once again that now is not the time to be civil.

Yes, this is who Kozachik chose to represent civility on the left.

Now, of course, I’m viewing this whole event with my critical race lens; what I’m seeing is not just hypocrisy but White Privilege in full display. I see brown youth going to TUSD to call out their racism, and the civility people tell us how evil we are when we use such terms against Pedicone or the district that is under a racial desegregation order. Our concerns are not valid. Then I see this old white man (John C. Scott) who is a speaker at a civility forum yelling and calling people racist and stupid…

… and then I remembered that the rules do not apply to us all.

What if Three Sonorans was the liberal person chosen, and he started yelling about racism in front of a crowd of mostly older white folks? You would not hear applause, but criticisms of this radical Chicano who simply lacks the ability to be civil. It must be his savage Aztec blood that does not allow him to do what Western people do; they order bombs and wars with a smile, wearing a suit, going into a church afterward to pray and not having any internal conflict with it.

Or as another speaker Kristel Foster put it that night, that she has to be able to look at herself in the mirror after all that she has done, and she has no problem doing so.

White liberals are never racist. Especially when Trump is in charge. Nevermind that it was Arizona’s own Napolitano that oversaw the biggest deportation of Mexicans while she was in charge of Homeland Security. Ironically it is the Democrats who are seen as being “friendly” to immigrants even though they are by far the most efficient in deporting them, yet it is the Republicans, with their public rants of what they do horribly, that are vilified for what Democrats actually do so well. Republicans have the bark, but Democrats are all bite.

But that is starting to slip now as we heard John C. Scott, who brought a dead station back to life as a reward for his help during the election, a station funded heavily by Democrats, the “only” radio voice of the Liberals, the White Civil Tribe, letting go of the facade and letting all see just how much anger and fear fills the new lives of the liberals.

Meanwhile, far-left people such as myself, members of the progressive Green Party, think back to 500 years of genocide and Manifest Destiny, something that continues to this day in places like Standing Rock, and what I see is that these liberals are afraid of something that has not happened to them yet, and something that cannot be worse that what has already been done to Mexicans, Blacks and Native Americans at the hands of patriotic US Army men “taming” the West, keeping human property in chains because of that piece of paper that says that this human being can be owned, the very paper that gets ignored when treaties are made with indigenous people and also the paper that is demanded by the Papers Please State against a people whose new label is “undocumented.”


Originally published at TSON News.