Wikileaks TUSD: How much is HT Sanchez really getting paid this year? Half a million?

There are a lot of numbers that have been thrown out this election cycle regarding how much TUSD Superintendent HT Sanchez is making. One of the factors that confuse some people is that it is not just his base pay, but the tons of perks that he gets that bring about his fat cat comparisons.

Below we have the actual contract and this provides a base MINIMUM for how much TUSD is spending on our prima donna leader. It is a minimum because he spends more money traveling to conferences and attending other functions on the taxpayers’ dime.

We will now parse the contract in detail to see just how much HT Sanchez is really costing us.

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Section 1:

  • HT’s contract is up on June 30th, 2018, in less than two years.

Section 4A:

HT’s salary will be:

  • $260,000 for 2015–16
  • $270,000 for 2016–17 (current year)
  • $280,000 for 2017–18

Current total is $270,000.

Section 4C:

  • Performance-based compensation is up to 6% of the annual base pay.
  • 6% of $270,000 = $16,200

The current total is now $270,000 + $16,200 = $286,200

Section 6:

  • “the Governing Board MAY terminate this Contract without cause…”

Just in case anyone was wondering…

Section 9:

  • $3,000 for membership in professional organizations

The current total is now $286,200 + $3,000 = $289,200

Section 12, Allowances:

Yes, HT Sanchez also receives a monthly allowance “which he may use at his discretion.”

  • $2,083.33 per month
  • Total is $25,000 per year

The current total is now $289,200 + $25,000 = $314,200

Section 13A:

In addition to getting all “the same holidays as those permitted to be observed by other District Administrators, HT also gets:

  • 50 days of paid leave
  • “On or before June 10 of each year of this Contract, the Superintendent may request in writing to be compensated at his then daily rate of pay for up to fifty days of accumulated but unused paid leave… The Superintendent’s Daily Rate of Pay shall be calculated by dividing the Superintendent’s then-current Annual Base salary… by 260.”
  • $270,000 / 260 = $1,038.46 is how much HT Sanchez makes per day!
  • Cashing in the sick days, up to 50, gives us 50 * $1,038.46 = $51,923

The current total is now $314,200 + $51,923 = $366,123

Section 13B:

In addition to health, vision and dental coverage, HT Sanchez will also get a:

  • $200,000 life insurance policy for $3,600 per year.

The total is now $366,123 + $3,600 = $369,723.

Section 13C:

“The District will provide the Superintendent Fifty Percent of his 2015–2016 fiscal year Annual Base Salary plus the allowances described in Paragraph 12 as a bonus… on June 30th, 2016.”

  • 50% of $260,000 (the base pay for 2015–2016) is $130,000.

The current total is $369,723 + $130,000 = $499,723.

In addition to this $499K, throughout the contract are other expenses without a dollar figure, such as travel to conferences and per diems. At a recent national school board conference in Boston, three board members spent $3,000 each. HT Sanchez was also in attendance and he has stayed in hotel rooms costing several hundred dollars per night, all paid for by TUSD.

So it is nearly half a million dollars, just less than $300 shy of the $500K mark, that the current TUSD board majority is paying to HT Sanchez, making him by far the most highly paid superintendent in the state. They have decided he was worth that much and not one penny less. Meanwhile, the now outsourced subs went from making $100 a day to $84 dollars a day; this while HT Sanchez makes over $1,000 per day!

To add insult to injury, just for not being sick, HT Sanchez is eligible to receive an extra $51,923, which is way more than the teacher’s salary in TUSD. The current starting teacher base pay is $32,100.

Originally published at TSON News.

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