DEF CON 2018


TSS will be representing in the Las Vegas area for #HackerSummerCamp this year, with a few of our team members speaking at the various InfoSec conventions throughout the week. Drop by our talks or find us somewhere among the sea of InfoSec people and say hi!

The Art of Business Warfare

Red Teams are designed to penetrate security in a real world test of effectiveness of security controls, policy, technology and infrastructure. Red Teams view security from an adversary perspective in order to simulate realistic attack scenarios that enable an organisation as a whole to prepare and protect against both simply and sophisticated threats. Red Teams build security culture and provide opportunities for staff to be trained using real world examples. During this presentation we will walk through a Red Team Assessment that simulates a state sponsored attack against Executives, and using their access to then test the entire security posture of the organisation from a digital, physical, social and supply chain.

Who: Wayne Ronaldson
Friday, August 10th 2018
Time: 6:40pm (50min)
Where: SEVillage, DEF CON | Octavius 3–8 — Caesars
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Bug Bounty Hunting on Steroids

Bug bounty programs are a hot topic these days. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of running a program, and researchers are jumping at the opportunity to grab some swag and make some extra cash from the bugs they find. Reporting security issues has never been as easy, open, and risk-free as it is right now. Everybody wins!

Though that doesn’t mean we should stop there. As researchers, we spend a lot of time doing the same menial tasks for each program: monitoring for new targets, checking for common issues, remembering just which flags you needed to pass to that tool (or even which tool is best for that job). We build new tools, hack together shell scripts, and generally make small incremental changes to our process. But surely there’s a better approach? (…continued)

Who: Glenn ‘devalias’ Grant
Saturday, August 11th 2018
Time: 12:10pm (45min)
Where: Recon Village, DEF CON | Florentine I II — Caesars
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