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HIGHLIGHTS FROM FIRESIDE CHAT WITH AUSTIN CHE (Co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks & Advisor for TSVC’s Alpha Program)

By Laura Ma

Ginkgo Bioworks is a Boston-based analytics company that engineers organisms for customers across multiple industries. Now a TSVC unicorn, they were founded in 2009 by a few fresh MIT graduates and seasoned scientist Tom Knight. The self-proclaimed “Organism Company” has since grown into one of the world’s largest privately held biotech companies. …

Founded in 2012 as eShares by Henry Ward, Carta is a Palo Alto based technology company that specializes in cap table management and valuation software. In 2013, we invested in Carta’s Series Seed. Although it seemed in a niche market at the time, we believed in Henry’s vision and his ability to lead the company to grow and expand to other services. Now valued at $7 billion, over 18,000 companies utilize Carta’s equity management platform, valuations, and services. …

Source: ARK Invest

This blog is based on the conversation our investment team held during our weekly Clubhouse Beer Bash, where we dissected the asset management firm ARK (mostly ARKK’s technology portfolio and positions). We shared our thoughts on the underlying investment thesis for ARK’s top-position holdings, combined with our views on the early stage opportunities. There will be two parts of the article and we will give our thoughts on three top holdings of ARKK in each part. …

By Laura Ma & Noah Lin TSVC

Image Source:Mobile Paymentstoday

Sometimes, when we rifle through our bag for cash to pay for a latte, I wonder if there will be a day in my lifetime when I’ll miss the feel of a wrinkled dollar bill in my hand. Even before Covid-19 pushed consumers to seek less corona-risky ways of making transactions, touchless payment was already trending in Europe, Asia, and North America. In China especially, cashless solutions have taken off. As opposed to spending habits in the US, the credit card trend was practically skipped altogether in China as citizens have preferred the…

By Iris Quan

Healthlane’s Founder & CEO-Alain Nteff (Source: Business Insider)

The global digital health market size reached US$106 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.7% from 2019 to 2025. Money has been poured into the healthcare sector as deals and dollars set new records.

Digital Health Defined

Different terms such as digital health, e-health, mHealth, and telehealth have been used in the field which can sometimes cause confusion. Let’s clarify a bit first.

The term “digital health” originally referred to the use of interactive media, tools, platforms, applications, and solutions on the Internet to address health concerns…

By Spencer Greene

Team of Brainome

We are living in the age of data. Growth in the world’s available data since 2000 has been impressive, but the ability to turn data into value has been far greater. With artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a collection of data technologies, the scope of data science is expanding at a rate we can hardly keep up with.

I’ve lost count of the number of startups I’ve met that promise to “disrupt industry_foo using AI.” They’re all right about one thing: the industries they’re targeting are going to be reinvented in the 2020s — whether by these…

Geospatial Data Balloons: The Uplifting Solution to Aerial Monitoring Challenges

With 2020’s unexpected changes disrupting our world and way of life, people all over the planet are feeling the strain as we concede to the new abnormal. The need for new and affordable modes of communication and gathering information is now higher than ever. TSVC’s new program, The Alpha Program, could not have arrived at a greater time — aiming to empower bright entrepreneurs with category defining ideas, the venture capital company is proud to kick-off the first recipient of 150k: Stratodyne, Corp, founded by engineering major and spacecraft innovator, Edward Ge.

Even though Ed and his CTO Amit Pinnamaneni’s…

Just one year after the company’s successful IPO, Zoom’s web meeting services have become a pillar of the post-pandemic world order. However, before Zoom was zooming forward at the speed of light, it had to run for a few years, and before that, it had to learn to crawl and walk.

TSVC first connected with Zoom in the startup’s infancy, as the only institutional investor in its initial round of funding. Throughout the years, many have asked us why we bet on the nascent team that became the extraordinary video-conferencing unicorn.

In this article, I’d like to share the start…

As the battle against COVID-19 rages on in our hospitals and communities, startups have been faced with increasingly tough decisions as they navigate through its social and economic consequences.

In a virtual town hall meeting this week, partners at our VC firm met with portfolio company CEO’s to discuss the future of funding, the importance of cost structure, and potential opportunities in these uncertain times.

Here, we’d like to share the main takeaways with the broader startup community, where many companies may be facing similar trials.

How will this change the availability of VC funding?

Many VC firms in our network have been slowing down in terms of new…

TSVC November Newsletter

@Carl Wang (TSVC Investment Partner )

Overview of Childcare Software Market

The childcare software industry is on the cusp of new transitions that potential investors and entrepreneurs should keep an eye on. It’s a relatively new industry where exciting market players are capitalizing on untapped opportunities.

Childcare management software is also referred to as childcare administrative software and daycare software. The software facilitates pre-school and daycare centers to efficiently complete daily operational activities. …


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