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TSVC Launches Crypto Fund: TSVCrypto

yes, we are getting into crypto now

Today we are announcing to launch a new venture fund that will specialize in crypto assets and projects that build on blockchains. As the price of bitcoin slips to a 2018 low, TSVC is showing its ideology and is not backing down. We believe that this is the right time.

the beginning of a new era

We have been investing in crypto assets over the years, and we plan to invest consistently over time, regardless of market conditions. We believe that when the bear market reshuffles the crypto world, the down-to-earth doers will survive. Despite talk of cryptocurrency projects being scams and/or pump and dump schemes, TSVCrypto will inherit our investment thesis from our traditional VC investment fund and apply it to the new, trustless world. The core value proposition still stands on solid technology-backed companies from protocols to infrastructures, and eventually applications.

“ Blockchain-based market networks will replace existing networks. Slowly, then suddenly. In one thing, then in many things.” — Naval Ravikant

TSVCrypto will start with upgrading existing businesses by tokenization. Only truly understanding how the token economy behind all blockchain projects can help revolutionize their business can inspire us the right path to the future of blockchain. We will help startups that see fit design the token economy, build up communities and mark up the technology.

With our partners’ strong technology background, and access to the largest crypto community, China, we are the competent authority to bring both capital and advisory resources to blockchain and crypto startups.

Over the years, we have been successfully invested in crypto assets like PROPS, Zilliqa, MaiCoin, Blockseer etc.

If you are an entrepreneur working on a crypto project, we’d love to talk to you — please send us a note.



TSVC(formerly TEEC Angel Fund) is an early-stage VC Fund powered by forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies

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