Visual Threat raises $5M in Series A from Baidu

San Jose, CA

Jul 2, 2018 · 2 min read

TSVC portfolio company (Fund II), Visual Threat, announced that it had completed its $5M Series A funding from Baidu, which also helped the company join Baidu’s autonomous driving platform — Apollo Program. The investment will be used to help the company aggressively commercialize its information security technology in the autonomous driving field.

Visual Threat, a leader company in vehicle cybersecurity, provides end-to-end vehicle positioning and real-time automotive data analysis. The company has obtained many patents and started cooperation with automobile manufacturers such as TUV Germany and BYD. Back in 2011, TSVC (formerly TEEC Angel Fund), participated in Visual Threat’s seed funding.

“This is an exceptional milestone for the company since Visual Threat is going to join the Apollo and Apollo’s cutting-edge position in autonomous technology, this cooperation will ramp up the innovation automatic driving field,” said Visual Threat.

click to watch Visual Threat video intro

About Visual Threat

Visual Threat is a leading connected-car security vendor based in Silicon Valley. The company offers Vehicle Cyber Security Protection Framework (FUSE) to minimize penetration from cyber attacks. For the past years, Visual Threat has helped OEMs, and tier providers enhance security functions inside telematics units, TSP cloud platforms, and automobile apps.


Former TEEC Angel Fund, a Silicon Valley VC Fund powered by…

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