2nd Maro Halving — What it means and when it will happen

The second Maro halving is expected to occur in 8 days.

The second halving since the launch of mainnet Rigi will occur at block number 21,024,000, which based on the current block production rate is projected to happen on 8AM (+/- 2~3 hrs) April 23rd, 2021 (Singapore time). The next halving will occur at block number 31,536,000.

What is Maro Halving?

“Halving” is an event where the block rewards for mining new blocks are “halved”, meaning miners receive 50% fewer rewards for verifying transactions. The Halving mechanism, in correlation with the limited supply of MARO, is designed to decrease the inflation rate and increase the value of MARO.

As the Maro 2021 Halving is completed, the rewards for each block production will be adjusted to 2.9727928805 from 5.945585761. The annual inflation rate of MARO will be adjusted to 3.125% from 6.25%.

We will announce the projected halving date once more as the block number nears 21,024,000. The latest Maro announcements are available from our Twitter or Telegram Group.

Thank you,

TTC Foundation

About Maro

Maro is a global ecosystem for people to connect, cooperate, and prosper. As an open blockchain infrastructure, users can directly connect to the global economy with Maro. Maro’s unique Multi-tier DPoS Consensus and Multi-Network mechanism offers a scalable blockchain with high-throughput and a sustainable token economy. Maro is a place for a true global citizen, come join our worldwide community. For details, visit our website. To receive the latest news on Maro, join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter.




Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world

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Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world

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