ByteBridge Launches World’s First Mobile 3D Point Cloud Data Labeling Service

ByteBridge, a data labeling service operated on the Maro Blockchain has launched the world’s first mobile-based 3D Point Cloud data labeling service. Both professional annotators and regular users can participate in 3D Point Cloud data labeling through WorkBox and receive ACN token (Maro Standard token, MST-20) rewards.

By incorporating various technologies, the ByteBridge 3D Point Cloud solution can lower the price and increase the efficiency of complex data annotations. Especially, tech companies within the autonomous driving industry and its related fields can benefit by greatly lowering their data labeling costs.

3D Point Cloud

3D Point Cloud is a collaboration of numerous dots (data points) spread throughout a 3D space, where data points are collected through sensors like Lidar. The sensors emit light and calculate the time in which it takes to be reflected back into the sensor to create each dot. The collected dots are compounded to present a complete image as shown below.

[Image: Velodyne]

3D Point Cloud is widely used for product development and analysis in fields related to architecture, aerospace, driving, traffic, medical equipment, regular consumer items, and more. The potential use cases and applications are only expected to increase in the future.

Among the many industries that utilize 3D Point Cloud, the autonomous driving industry considers 3D Point Cloud one of its most important components… The market size of the autonomous driving industry is estimated to be around $7,100,000,000 in 2020. And, as it is foreseen to show an annual growth rate of 41.0%, the expected market size by 2035 is about $1,120,400,000,000. The core technology in the autonomous driving industry is the sensor, where one of the most widely used sensors, Lidar, has shown a 113% growth rate since 2020. Lidar is expected to reach a market valuation of $1,700,000,000 by 2025. In tandem with the noteworthy growth of sensors, the 3D Point Cloud applications are anticipated to be broadened as well.

The development of ByteBridge’s 3D Point Cloud solution was made possible by combining data pre-processing technology, data compression technology, mobile-based point cloud data rendering technology, and process management algorithm. The 3D Point Cloud labeling toolkit is the first of its kind in the world.

ByteBridge provides both 2D and 3D labeling services, and is currently partnered with a car manufacturer, C, and an autonomous driving solution developer, Z. Beginning the 3rd quarter of this year, ByteBridge will be expanding its partnerships on a larger scale.

By integrating 3D Point Cloud data labeling tools, WorkBox will provide its users the opportunity to create even greater values all simply through their phones. Through Maro’s 1) Micro payments, 2) Instant payments, and 3) smart contracts, even small amounts of payments will be seamlessly and swiftly processed to allow numerous people around the world to collaborate with each other.

The foundation is continuously striving to provide more and more people the opportunity for value creation and transparent and fair compensation for such created values. At the same time, the foundation is also making its best effort to offer companies an efficient yet low cost solution that can be used as a platform to build their own machine learning solutions.


ByteBridge is a data labeling platform with robust tools for real-time workflow management, providing high-quality data with efficiency. By utilizing blockchain technology, ByteBridge has massively improved upon the communication and management system efficiency of the current market whilst cutting down the cost. This has allowed us to offer our clients a much efficient yet cost-effective service.




Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world

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Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world

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