Ecosystem Fund Allocated to the B2B Service ByteBridge

TTC Foundation Ecosystem Fund Allocation Update

The TTC Foundation is partially allocating its ecosystem fund to establish a trust for liquidity and new user subsidies of ByteBridge, a B2B service connected with Acorn Box’s WorkBox DAPP.

  1. 60,000,000 ACN — Allocated for free “try it out” credits provided to newly registered ByteBridge users. Those who sign up and register their credit card will be given $50 worth of credit. New users may use their credit to test and firsthand experience ByteBridge’s services and products.
  2. 8,888,000 TTC — Internal adjustments of ByteBridge is carried out through instant swaps between CUSD and ACN. To provide liquidity during initial deposits and credit card payment settlements, a trust will be established where the aforementioned funds will be allocated. The trust is meant to provide ByteBridge with liquidity short term, all of which will be returned to the trust once adjustments are settled. The TTC allocated in the trust will be generated as CUSD via Tigris Protocol to be lended to ByteBridge after the Payment Event begins. is a data collection and labeling solution founded on the TTC Blockchain. The solution offers a transparent automated service that is 90% cheaper and 10 times faster than competing services from the Silicon Valley. With, anyone can collect, process, and utilize data at a fraction of the current market’s price and time.

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join ourTelegram and follow us on twitter.



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