⚠️ On March 31st 2019, TTC Foundation launched its own blockchain solution, TTC, and rebranded TTC Protocol as Acorn Protocol. This article was announced before the separation. [Read more]

Recent Updates on TTC Connect and TTC Scan

Dear supporters,

A month ago, we launched TTC Connect and TTC Block Explorer. Since then, our developer team has been hard at work, searching for bugs and adding new features.

Today, we’d like to share the latest product updates.

TTC Connect

TTC Connect provides users with a single hub to synchronize their TTC rewards with multiple DAPPs, transfer TTC assets among other users or exchanges, and take part in the governance of consensus by voting for representatives.

Download TTC Connect

In this update, we introduced a new function called “Voting Records.” By accessing the Voting Records, users can keep track of all their previous votes and voting rewards received. Users can make a more informed judgement when it comes to voting for their preferred representative. (The daily voting rewards will be provided.)

TTC Connect ‘s new features— “Voting Records” and “Login via Fingerprint”

Furthermore, users can now choose to login to TTC Connect using their fingerprint. It is a simple change, yet now you will have all your TTC assets (literally) at your fingertips.

TTC Scan

TTC Protocol is also introducing TTC Scan, a more powerful rebranded version of the TTC Blockchain Explorer. This update includes a brand new UI packed with more powerful features, providing a truly more fluid and convenient user experience.

Also, now it has its own domain (http://www.ttcscan.io)

TTC Scan is a blockchain tool used to view and search for detailed information regarding block transactions made on the TTC Protocol Blockchain. The key details on TTC Protocol along with information on block transactions and representatives will be open to the public and can be easily accessed by anyone.

These are some examples of information accessible on TTC Scan:

  • Blocks: Detailed information on every block, including timestamps, block producers (representatives), rewards, and all transaction records
  • Transactions: Transaction information including timestamps, type, transaction initiator and receiver, and amount of TTCs transacted
  • Accounts: Account information, including balance and transactions in and out of a specific address
  • Representatives: Information about representatives in the Multi-level BFT-DPoS consensus, including blocks produced, productivity, and votes received

For TTC Protocol, the launch of TTC Scan will lay the foundation to building a fully open and transparent blockchain protocol. For now, TTC Scan can be used to see all the activities on TTC Protocol’s Merapi Testnet.

Screenshots of TTC Scan

Block Information
Transaction Record
Account Information
Detail Information of Account
Locations of Representatives
Representative Leader board
Detail Information of Representative

The release and upgrades of TTC Connect and TTC Scan is a remarkable achievement, as it gives users more control and accessibility. At TTC Protocol, we push forward to provide our users with the most accessible and transparent experience we possibly can. TTC Protocol wishes that such efforts in paving the way to accelerating mass user adoption of blockchain technology will result in building a blockchain for billions.

— TTC Protocol

Bug Bounty Program

To better the TTC Protocol experience and improve its ecosystem, code enthusiasts are invited to join our community. Each individuals’ contribution will become part of a change which will impact billions.

Bug Bounty : https://hackenproof.com/ttc/ttc-protocol
Github : https://github.com/TTCECO/gttc

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join ourTelegram and follow us on twitter.



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